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Selection Process Explained
By Dinah Pearson


July 19, 2006

Thank you, Dave for reminding people to get involved! There's always more than enough work to go around.

All-Star selection currently follows, with little deviation, the method Dave explained.

In Ketchikan Little League, for as many years as I have been involved, the process has been much the same. First, ballots are passed out to all the eligible players. On the ballot are the regular season players. The kids vote for the top 7. This year, in junior league, it was the top 12....essentially the whole team.

Next, the top picks of the players BY ORDER OF MOST VOTES RECEIVED... goes to the selection committee. This committee is made up of managers from the league. Not board members, not parents .not big, scary, shady political monsters .just the managers that have played with these kids all season long. Yes, some managers are fathers that is the nature of youth sports.

Let me add, that despite what people like to think there are actually some managers and coaches whose kid(s) do NOT make the team. I know that ruins the conspiracy theory of how kids make the team but that's how it works.

To the players' selections, the managers discuss openly which next 2 or 3 players to add. Managers recommend and discuss who they believe will be an asset to the team. These are voted on...not secretly...but in an open forum. Finally, the all- star manager is allowed to add the final 2, if he wants to.

Using this process, the majority of the team is selected by the players. Managers are allowed to evaluate who is selected and which areas may be lacking, in order to make decisions about team dynamics. (Is there another pitcher that didn't get picked? Does the team need another catcher? How does our outfield look? Etc.) This method, the method recommended by Little League International, gives very, very little opportunity for the alleged "political favoritism" that parents squawk about when their kid doesn't make the cut.

It's a great method and I think it works. We've sent State Champions south to Regionals using this method. Regrettably, whenever someone needs to place blame...the conspiracy theory is easier to swallow than reality.

Dinah Pearson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: " Ketchikan Baseball Fan, advocate of the fair selection process, attendant of many drafts, active board member, and mother of a son who DIDN'T make all-stars (...but I'm not cryin' about it)."


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