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Nouri al-Maliki
By Mark Neckameyer


July 26, 2006

So I see in today's news that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki supports Hazbollah or at least thinks they are good guys and he supports the "let's drive Israel into the sea and kill all the Jews" crowd. What a disappointment this is!

We spent billions of dollars, got thousand of fine young Americans killed or wounded to support this clown and he turns out to be Sadaam all over again but without the rape camps ...yet! Hazbollah represents the rabid, fundamentalist Shia Islamic crowd who also want to kill us, retake France and Spain for the Prophet, stop women from driving, kill all the Hindus too by the way. Great people!

Unless George W, who this lifelong Republican has always backed and supported, does or says something about this, I am changing teams. Anybody have Cindy Sheehan's phone number handy?

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA

About: "I am a semi retired accountant living in California. I love Alaska for the fishing and outdoor lifestyle and am about a year away from full retirement; plannng to spend as much summer as possible in Alaska."



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