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By Sheryl Whitesides


July 19, 2006

I can appreciate all of the letters and different view points concerning Ketchikan Little League. The mere fact that I filed a complaint with the Ketchikan Little League in not the only issue. What is the policy and process in which complaints are followed up on? How is the response handled to the person filing the complaint? Who is responsible and held accountable to follow up on grievances? I think those are some good questions. A written response to any complaint or grievance for organizations will most likely provide some closure for the person who is concerned. Actually the grievance had really NOTHING to do with food it was about not following the code of conduct and was not related to me at all ~ I have only had contact with I believe 2 board members regarding my complaint and was not involved in your decision and have not been given a response to my complaint.

However, the question still stands without an answer ~ When are the meetings held by the KLL Board? When are the elections held for the KLL board? Are these meetings advertised? Does this board follow Roberts Rules of Order and are the meeting minutes available to parents and others who pay for their children to participate? I belive those were the direct questions I have asked in my email and here on this forum. Why not just answer the questions rather than ignore them?

Sheryl Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I have been a mother of a Ketchikan Little League participant for three years and volunteered to work in the concession stands for two years. A life long resident of Ketchikan and a mother of five children."



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