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All Star Selections
By Neil Gray


July 14, 2006

For many years, and probably never to change, there has always been Parental Politics in Little League, Senior League, etc. All Star Team selections. You will always have the obvious selections, but when you get down to making the last half a dozen choices, it can get dicey.

No matter who is selected to play on the team, there will ALWAYS be controversy about who didn't make the team that many feel SHOULD have. Been there.

In my years of being a Little League parent, and especially as an umpire, I have seen quite a few All Star Team selections that had me scratchy my head. I've seen it in Ketchikan, Oregon, and right here in San Diego.

I have always felt that any parent of a ball player being considered for an All Star Team should not have selection powers. There seems to be a slight conflict of interest there. If you are a parent coaching your son or daughter (politically correctness)on a Little League team, step back from the selection process. You might even save your child some problems too.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

About: "Love Ketchikan. Coached, umpired, and watched LL in Ketchikan for a LONG time."



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