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Who's eating the "cash cow"!
By William Schultz


July 23, 2006

I am trying to confirm. or dispel, the rumors concerning the percentage of oil pumped out of the Alaskan fields that do not reach the actual pumps in the United States. The main customer in these rumors being Japan. I understand the need for oil, but one of the main reasons continually given for the tremendous spike in prices (and profits...hmmmm) is the scarcity of crude, which then leads to the argument for the opening of unrestricted drilling in the ANWAR, and all fields for that matter.

Being from Kansas, where "capping" wells when the demand is low, and "uncapping" when the demand (read price) is high, is a process that has gone on for decades.

Being relatively naive when it comes to the marketing of oil, I figured most of the crude stayed in the country that consumes the most. Go figure, eh?.

I am hoping that any responses to these comments will be forwarded by the SitNews people as I would like to hear any and all perspectives. Knowing that Alaskan citizens receive cash from the oil sales, I am sure most Alaskans stay up to date on who is eating the "cash cow"!

Bill Schultz
Topeks, KS - USA



About: I am a resident of "KANSAS". My expertise consists of the ability to open my gas cap, stuff all the cash I have, and thank Exxon-Mobile for their charity in not buying up all the drinking water...YET!



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