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2006 Fourth of July Schedule

SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

July 04, 2006

Front Page Photo by Kerry Rasmussen

McClory Crowned 4th of July Queen
Aimee Marie McClory 4th of July Queen (center)
First Princess Karlee Olsen (right);
Second Princess Katrina McCollough (left)
Photo by Kerry Rasmussen; Photo Enhancement by M.C. Kauffman

Ketchikan: McClory Crowned 4th of July Queen By M.C. KAUFFMAN - Sixteen-year old Aimee Marie McClory was crowned the 4th of July Queen Monday evening at the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center. Serving in her court will be First Princess Karlee Olsen and Second Princess Katrina McCollough. There were three young women participating this year in this annual event sponsored by the Ketchikan Lions Club.

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Judges select the Queen based on points earned by the participants in three categories. In order to earn the Queen's crown the participants are judged on their volunteer efforts in the community and their participation in a public presentation forum. They are also required to participate in a fundraiser by selling raffle tickets. The funds raised benefit the Ketchikan Lions Club and selected community organizations.

The public presentation forum was held Friday evening. Katrina McCullough demonstrated her musical skills playing the saxophone, Aimee McClory performed a modern jazz dance, and Karlee Olsen played the piano and presented a slide show.

This year's 4th of July Queen Aimee McClory has been involved in Ketchikan Theatre Ballet and is a Senior Company member. She has served as an assistant teacher, is a member of the Kayhi drill team and a Gigglefeet performer. She attends Ketchikan High School and will be a Senior this fall. McClory will serve as senior class secretary, yearbook editor and will be a mentor to incoming freshman through Class Act. After graduation, McClory plans to pursue a nursing career. - More...
Tuesday - July 04, 2006

Alaska: Superior Court Denies TRO on PERS-TRS Lawsuit - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski today said he was heartened that Juneau Superior Court Judge Larry Weeks on Friday, June 30 denied a request by several state employee unions to stop the state from implementing a new "tier" of the state employees' and teachers' retirement plans.

"We believe the transition to a defined contribution plan, which is just like a 401(k), is the right answer for these retirement systems, and applaud Judge Weeks for allowing the state to proceed with starting the new plan," Murkowski said. "We are confident we will prevail in the main lawsuit, so there is no reason why new state employees should not be able to move forward with their individual defined contribution plans."- More...
Monday - July 03, 2006

Ketchikan: M/V Columbia To Remain In Ketchikan - The M/V Columbia, which experienced a generator malfunction during its northbound sailing from Bellingham, will remain in Ketchikan for repairs, the Alaska Marine Highway System said Sunday.

It is unclear how long it will take to make the necessary repairs to the Columbia, but the AMHS has activated shore-side support staff to accommodate the travel plans of its passengers. - More...
Monday - July 03, 2006

Business - Economy: Lumber deal built to last, Canadian minister says By DANIEL LeBLANC - Canadian officials are predicting the new softwood deal with the Americans will last seven to nine years, despite attacks from industry critics over the last-minute inclusion of a two-year termination clause.

The Canadian and U.S. governments signed the final text of the softwood-lumber agreement over the weekend, in time for Thursday's meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Bush in Washington.


Canadian International Trade Minister David Emerson defended the termination clause, which creates uncertainty over the duration of the long-awaited deal. Industry officials are worried they have achieved only short-term "trade peace" in exchange for forfeiting 20 percent of the $5 billion in tariffs that U.S. authorities have collected since 2002. - More...
Monday - July 03, 2006

Fish Factor: Campaign to get seafood into the mouths school kids By LAINE WELCH - Alaska's pollock producers are leading the charge to get more seafood into the mouths of America's school kids. And they're out to prove that children will choose fish items from lunch menus if they are tasty and appealing.

"Our contention is that kids would eat more seafood if they could get high quality products at school," said Pat Shanahan, program director of the industry-formed marketing group Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, or GAPP. The group also contends that pollock that is caught and processed in Alaska is the key to making products that will score with the kids.

"There is a lot of pollock in the school lunch program, but most is twice frozen, saturated with additives, soggy, and not very appealing or appetizing," said GAPP president Rick Muir. Competing pollock, which comes primarily from Russia, is twice frozen and processed in China, he explained, and the thawing and refreezing affects the inherent flavor, texture and odor of the fish. "Our goal is to show schools that there is a difference," Muir said.

GAPP has so far spent more than $120,000 to bring its message to school menu decision makers. In January the group participated in a Child Nutrition Industry conference in Florida where they provided tastes of kid tested Alaska Fish Tacos, made with pollock in special sauces and condiments created especially for the product.

"We shared results of focus groups from elementary and secondary schools in Seattle, Houston and Virginia Beach, Va. It proved they really liked the idea of a fish taco and that a high quality product was overwhelmingly accepted," Shanahan said. She added that the focus groups also revealed that many children are not offered fish at home.

"School may be the only opportunity they have to try fish and decide whether they will eat it as adults. So we feel it is really important that what they get is really good quality," Shanahan said.

This month GAPP is taking its message - along with more kid tested menu items - to the nation's largest conference of school nutritionists and menu decision makers in Los Angeles. "We're not selling the pollock. We're selling the idea and putting them in touch with the parties that produce the Alaska products. And we're showing them how to source and introduce it in a way that kids will like," added Rick Muir.

GAPP member Trident Seafoods is also advancing the school lunch effort with its kid friendly Ultimate Fish Sticks. - More...
Monday - July 03, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

The First City Players:
Much Ado About Nothing

Photograph courtesy Susan Batho & Bill Hupe

Ketchikan Arts & Entertainment: The First City Players: Much Ado About Nothing Review By BILL HUPE - The First City Players' performance of Shakespeare's comedy, Much Ado About Nothing was held June 25th at the Higgins Point Amphitheatre against the beautiful backdrop of Higgins Point, cloudy grey skies, and the occasional bald eagle. Even though it had rained continuously for most of the weekend, the rain let up as the performance started, and held for the duration of the play, promising a very special performance.

Period music, provided by the aptly named Rainy Day Recorders, took us away from the present day, and into the world of Shakespeare's comedy. The sparcity of props was not noticeable, the company making the most of the backdrop of the ampitheatre itself and when the 'team of horses' appeared, itwas one of the most priceless moments of the production.

The performances, some by first time actors, ranged from very good to excellent. With only one or two exceptions, the voices were easily carried to the back of the amphitheatre so that it was easy to hear and understand the entire performance. The lead characters, especially Erin Jakubek in the role of Hero, the slandered bride to be, were excellent. The two scheming, charming, humorous fathers, played by Terry O'Hara and Hakan Sebcioglu [Leonato and Balthasar] balanced their roles just right. - More...
Monday - July 03, 2006



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Columns - Commentary

Gov. Frank H. Murkowski: As Alaskans honor Independence Day, Patriotism is never old-fashioned. - From the deserts of the Middle East to our U.S. military bases in Germany and Alaska, I was privileged recently to deliver messages to loved ones from some courageous Alaskans.

They are the men and women of our armed forces, standing resolute on ground in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan -- distant duty stations on the other side of the world that include some of the most dangerous places on the planet today.

When I flew to a forward operating base near Mosul, Iraq, it was 130 degrees in our Black Hawk helicopter. But desert temperatures are only incidental to the challenges faced by these fine military professionals. And for a moment at least, perhaps memories of icy salmon streams and snow-covered mountains can help deal with the physical demands of desert combat.

I am pleased to report to their wives, husbands, families and friends in Alaska that morale among our troops is high as they meet challenges to democracy today in the Middle East.

I spent time with members of the 207th Aviation Battalion of the Alaska Army Guard from Ft. Richardson, time with troops from the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team based at Ft. Wainwright, and I also heard messages for the folks at home from soldiers of the 423rd Infantry from Ft. Richardson.

I also spent several hours visiting military patients recovering at the Rahmstein Air Force Base hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. It is a fitting reminder to reflect on their commitment to freedom on July 4th as we celebrate Independence Day. - More...
Monday - July 03, 2006

Dave Kiffer: Driving Is Going To The Dogs - My wife maintains a somewhat amused eye toward local "traditions" despite the fact she has now lived here 15 years.

Often she spots things that I wouldn't even notice. Like dogs "driving" cars.

Okay, they aren't actually driving the cars. They can't reach the pedals. And without opposable thumbs they have a heckuva time manipulating the climate controls.

But if you look at the car going past, all you often see is the dog's head next to the steering wheel.

I hadn't really noticed this tradition until Charlotte pointed it out a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have noticed it at least four different times.

One car was a sporty little convertible with a Maltesey sort driving, white hair flowing like Jayne Mansfield in the breeze.

One SUV had a thin little Dachshund riding on the owners lap.

One truck zoomed by and I never even saw an owner. All I saw was a black lab on the driver's side. Tongue hanging out, black hair billowing. Maybe that was the owner. - More...
Monday - July 03, 2006

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on Independents' Day - It seems like almost everyone is a walking tinderbox these days. Some folks think that the country is going to hell in a Longaberger basket, while others are convinced that the devil - when he shows up for work at The New York Times - wears Prada.

Should small-talk shift from the weather to politics, I am worried that July 4th fireworks might come a bit early this year. To defuse this situation, I suggest that, for this year anyway, we celebrate Independence Day with a slightly different spelling: Independents' Day.

This would be just as historically accurate, since the signers of the Declaration of Independence were all Independents, as far as I can tell. Political parties were a fact of life in the Kingdom that we "dissolved political bands" with in 1776. For instance, the Tories were a 17th century political faction that formed in the Kingdom of Great Britain over the terms for succession to the throne. Members of the conservative parties in Canada and Britain are affectionately (or not) referred to as "Tories" to this day. - More...
Monday - July 03, 2006

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