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Ready to get out of Iraq
By Max Michels


July 03, 2006

The war that Bush got us into is costing us $9 million dollars a minute. That money is lost (also lives) in a country that don't care if they have control of the people there or not. Because if they care they would be doing it by now.

It's time for the people of United States to tell the U.S.Government enough is enough. It's time to drop the ball in their court and let them handle their own problem. Just like weaning your child or pet you take away the nursing and they have to learn on their own.

Let's not forget the main reason why we went to that region in the first place to find and capture Osama Bin Laden and not to be policemen like Vietnam.

Max Michels
Waterloo, Iowa - USA


About: Max Michels is one citizen who's ready to get out of Iraq.


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