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Global Warming Questions
By John Harrington


June 29, 2006

I was struck by this report on planetary climate change: The planet " may be in the midst of a period of profound climate change, according to a new study that shows dramatic year-to-year losses of snow at the South Pole."

Is this the beginning of the end of planet Earth you may ask? No it's just a report on Mars. I'm not sure if the Martians have been burning millions of tons of fossil fuels over the last century, but I have not heard of it. Perhaps if we were to use Occam's Razor, it might lead us to the conclusion that we are in the midst of a solar system wide event.

If the question is, does human activity affect our climate? I believe the answer is probably, 'yes'. Does it have the catastrophic implications that Al Gore and the Doomsday forecasters want us to believe? I believe that answer is, no.

John Harrington
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: John Harrington writes: "I am just a retired Ketchikan resident interested in the political machinations of our age. Hoping to see the supremacy of inquiry over dogma in the pursuit of solutions to the problems of our era. (Hoping but not expecting it.) "



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