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What are the priorities of the Native Corporations here??
By Carrie L. James


June 30, 2006

The Goldbelt, Kake, and Klukwan Corporation have all but declared war against people from the Bristol Bay region who sided with SEACC (Southeast Alaska Conservation Council) in a lawsuit to stop Kensington from dumping waste into a freshwater lake. The lawsuit could set a precedent that would allow the Pebble mine to pollute the fish bearing waters of Bristol Bay. Note: Pebble mine would be aproximately 1 1/2 miles deep by 2 miles round and visible to the naked eye from outer space - possibly the largest mine in the world. This could forever alter the traditional and customary ways of life of these people, and these people have the right to take a stand on it.

Klukwan has railed against these concerned people for "meddling with business that is not theirs," but at the same time they are proposing to spray a cocktail of toxic pesticides on lands that are not traditionally theirs. Far away from the lands that they intend to pollute, Klukwan will reap profits that put at risk Alaskans living in Hydaburg who have hunted, fished, and gathered traditional foods and medicines on Long Island for generations.

Klukwan is defending an outside mining corporation rather then working with their neighbors to ensure that clean water is a priority. They need to reassess their priorities and start supporting their neighbors. I support the Bristol Bay people, the people of Hydaburg and Craig that are concerned about the spraying of pesticides, and SEACC for standing up for our clean water.

I always welcome feedback to my opinions/viewpoints

Carrie L. James
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand 2nd Vice President - Subsistence Committee member, Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp #14 (Ktn) President, Advocate for our land, Concerned Citizen"



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