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Global Warming Letters
By Tori Jackson


June 29, 2006

From Patrick Branco's letter, "It is amazing that the Swedish scientist was able to calculate that human burning of fossil fuels raised the global temperature. Idiotic or brilliant? I wonder how he was able to calculate the difference between worldwide forest fires and the amount of firewood burned by man. Perhaps that is how he earned the Nobel Prize 5 years before it was ever awarded for the first time."

And from Anne Mareck's letter, "In 1896 the Nobel laurate (sic) Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius calculated the amount of CO2 emitted by industry of the time (remember that the human population of the earth at the time was only 1 billion people) and found that it was possible for human activity to raise global temperature, through the burning fossil fuels (coal gasses, so to speak) and the burning of wood."

In Ms. Mareck s defense, she does NOT say that Svante Arrhenius won the Nobel Prize in 1896, but that he calculated the amount of CO2 emitted by industry in 1896. If you go to you will see that Svante Arrhenius won the The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1903. While I never thought she was trying to say that he won the prize in 1896, she definitely would have been more clear had she said: 'In 1896 the future Nobel laureate, Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius, calculated the amount'.

Tori Jackson
Port Angeles, WA - USA

About: Tori Jackson writes: "Former Ketchikan resident currently living in the state of Washington."


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