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Global Warming: Planet is resilient & tolerant of both man & nature
By Patrick Branco


June 28, 2006

My suggestion to Anne Mareck is that she keep studying. First of all, there is very likely global warming going on. That many notable scientists are saying so is fruitless to ignore. The false assumption is that mankind is somehow a major contribtor to this natural phenomenon.

One eruption of Mount Penatubo in the Phillipines in the early 90's produced more CO2 in one day than all of the manmade CO2 in the history of the world. It is amazing that the Swedish scientist was able to calculate that human burning of fossil fuels raised the global temperature. Idiotic or brilliant? I wonder how he was able to calculate the difference between worldwide forest fires and the amount of firewood burned by man. Perhaps that is how he earned the Nobel Prize 5 years before it was ever awarded for the first time.

I recommend Ms. Mareck study more carefully before spreading a message of terror. The only reason I decided to write though was because of her dangerous and foolish claim that unless something dramatic is done immediately the "within a few generations, life as we know it will end". What utter stupidity and a patently false statement. There is not one ounce of scientific evidence to support that contention. Ms. Mareck shame on you and your ilk for trying to scare people into action with false fear mongering. I absolutely believe that if Ms. Mareck stopped driving a car and heating her home then her single contribution would have as profound an effect on global warming as if all 6 billion of the rest of us did so, too. Meaning little or none!

Relax folks we are not going to erase our species from the planet nor are we going to destroy the planet. This planet is resilient and tolerant of both man and nature. Do not let the chicken littles get you down! Smile, we are okay.

Patrick Branco
Ketchikan, AK - uSA


About: "Healthy skeptic"

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