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KIC Tribal Directive to Re-Instate "477" Program
By Lisa M. Lang


June 30, 2006

This letter is to update the KIC Tribal membership with current information regarding the number one Tribal Council directive for the new General Manager of KIC. The Tribal Council's number one directive is to re-instate and move forward on the Tribes 477 plan. The 477 plan is a comprehensive plan to create a program which is a one-stop client in-take process and client service. The 477 plan previously was granted to KIC but was lost due to non-compliance.

After my initial review I found that KIC had lost their ability to have a 477 plan because they had not complied with the findings of a monitoring review which was conducted in 2003. I began implementing the steps to bring us back into order. To explain the re-instatement process KIC is required to re-organize and submit a new reorganizational chart with their programs (under one supervisor), to consolidate their budgets, to clean up their files and ensure their audits are in compliance. The staff is busy on creating a proposal which includes the required changes mentioned above. Staff is working on a new plan which will tentatively be submitted in August. Ms. Lenora Smith is the 477 Monitoring person. She reviewed our programs in 2003 and made the findings which were not corrected. Lenora will be in Alaska in August and is willing to come to Ketchikan to share information about the 477 and review the new plan which we are working very hard to complete in a timely manner. The overall goal in my changes within the organization are to re-instate the 477 plan and meet the number one goal of the Tribal Council.


Lisa M. Lang

About: Lisa M. Lang is the General Manager of KIC


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