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Global Warming: Where is the evidence?
By Anne Mareck


June 29, 2006

Dear Mr. Seibert, after reading my response to your first posting you replied "Sure Ms Mareck is truly passionate about her position, but where is the evidence of the man-made global warming."

The facts on the most recent controversy, in which Rep. Joe Barton R-Texas accused U Colorado climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann of bias in research which found clear evidence of global warming, can be easily found by checking the National Academy of Sciences website" at

If you're truly interested in the actual scientific progress of climate science, you may be interested in reading such public informationals as

Also, Dr. Spencer Weart, director of the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics has compiled a very straight-forward history entitled -The Discovery of Global Warming - and in addition to the book, maintains an extensive website on the subject which can be found at

The evidence for global warming is massive and the verdict is long in. Climate change is happening and that fact isn't changed by denial. The time for action is now. Perhaps the most robust argument to date is that offered by Lloyds of London, the oldest and most esteemed insurance provider in the world. Lloyds self-describes as "Lloyd's is the world's leading insurance market providing specialist insurance services to businesses in over 200* countries and territories--in 2005, 62** syndicates are underwriting insurance at Lloyd's."

On June 5, 2006 Lloyds issued a report to their members entitled "Climate Change Adapt or Bust".

While some in the US say that working to alleviate the moste severe effects of climate change would cause "economic difficulty," it seems that Lloyds of London believes that climate change is real and that insurance agencies must prepare for markedly increased storm damage on a regular basis or they will suffer economically.

The social implications of climate change are enormous, and so, of course, difficult to grasp--and none of us alive now will know the outcome of our actions--or lack of actions. But, again, because we are good, compassionate people, because we care about our families and our children and our children's children--we have a moral obligation to take action and reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Mr. Seibert, if you are interested in learning more about living in an environmentally sustainable fashion, you may wish to visit the Union of Concerned Scientists website at Here, you will find general tips for making a personal contribution to the global warming solution.

Best of luck with your investigation of the scientific research.

Take care,

Anne Mareck
Houghton, MI - USA


About: Anne Mareck writes: "Student studying the rhetorical effect of public controversy on climate science."


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