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Global Warming
By Marvin Seibert


June 27, 2006

I was just reading the responses to my previous "Global Warming Jihadists" and still wonder where the facts are. Sure Ms Mareck is truly passionate about her position, but where is the evidence of the man-made global warming. I dare to disagree with the religious fanaticism and she labels me as dangerous because I work to convince people of my point of view. Holding back a point of view is dangerous, not expressing it. On the other hand Mr. Page related some interesting events but then quoted Wikipedia...folks anybody anytime can post anything in Wikipedia, unmonitored! Wikipedia states themselves and I quote "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" Now that is junk science.

So let's now state some indisputable facts:

Hurricane Katrina ( 2005 )in itself was terrible, New Orleans was not ready! But the facts are that the winds when it hit the Gulf Coast, remember it did not hit New Orleans it only got the brunt of the rain, had winds of only 145mph making it a CAT3 Hurricane. What made it bad was the amount of rain that it dropped and it came in a high tide. If the levels would have held Katrina would be an after thought by now! Al Gore blame this "intense Hurricane" on Global Warming.

Hurricane Camille in 1969 came in on the Gulf Coast with sustainable winds of 200mph a true CAT5...this at a time that the alarmist told us we were going into another ice age. Before that Hurricane Betsy ( 1963 )hit the mouth of the Mississippi River and Flooded New Orleans. These are all part of the natural cycle of things

The sun is going through a lengthy period of increased activity that causes it to radiate more heat into space. Is it really that hard to believe that a hotter sun would lead to a hotter earth?

Our polar ice caps are melting? Sure looks like it. But .. the polar ice caps on Mars are melting also. So, are we to believe that this is caused by man on the Earth but by the hotter sun on Mars?

The ice pack in the heart of Antarctica is actually getting thicker!

Scientific data clearly shows that the Earth has undergone warming and cooling cycles for millions of years. Why, all of a sudden, does a warming cycle just have to be caused by the actions of man?

The Atmosphere has gotten only 1 degree warmer in the past Hundred years!

Many of the people who are so involved in promoting the man-made global warming theme are people who are also involved in anti-capitalist movements. They want to cripple our economic capitalist systems because they hate it so much. Why would China and India be exempt with the pollution they cause? China is causing man-made rain in cities because they are so polluted they need to clean the atmosphere in those cities all the time to keep their people from dying.

Remember also the Senate voted against the Kyoto Protocol 99-0 during the Clinton / Gore years...Not President Bush.

So the next time someone screams "Global Warming" ask for the facts of how we are destroying our planet... not the events that naturally go on around us.


Marvin Seibert
Colorado Springs, CO - USA


About: Marvin Seibert writes he currently resides in Colorado Springs and enjoys visiting Ketchikan and all it's friendly people.

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