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Global Warming
By Keith Page


June 26, 2006

While I'm not a scientist, I do consider myself a pretty smart guy. When I examine the Global warming evidence it seems more apperent to me that those who don't believe aren't really trying to find truth but defending their own unfounded conclusion.

While the solar activity and volcanic explosions do cause changes in climate that can last years, even decade scientist using the same "proxy" measurements have looked at tempature changes after major volcanic activity in the past, as well as from recent eruptions like St. Helens, with this information they are able to determine how much effect those events have had on climate change. Their conclusions is these two factors can only cause a change in overall climate that amounts to small percentage of a degree.

What is the most startling evidence to me however is the Glaciers. Up here in Calgary our rockey mountians have a glacier known as the Columbia Ice fields, in the last 125 years these have retreated 1.5 km from their former tips and lost more then 1/2 their volume. On the other side of the world, in Antartica scientist are watching Glaciers they have dated to over 10,000 years old collapse and fall into the ocean. If an ice cube that has existed in the coldest part of the planet for 10,000 years suddenly breaks apart and melts in the span of 5 years we know the planet is warmer there then it has been in 10,000 years.

We see the same in the Artic North ice roads that lasted 250 days a year now last 75, the Innuit people's homes are collapseing because they were built on the ice, 50 years later those house collapse as the ice beneath melts. The tempature in the artic has risen more then 5C.

For those who doubt just look for the evidence, stop dismissing things out of hand and actually research what you doubt.

I would start with wikipedia, if you find something wrong and you can back it up you can change it for everyone's benefit.

Keith Page
Calgary, Canada


About: Unix Systems Adminstrator contracted out to the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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