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By Janice Williams


June 29, 2006

My family and I decided that we can not enjoy the 4th of July downtown in the hussle and bussle of people joined together like sardines in a can. We can no longer enjoy our very own local celebrations. It's impossible with all the tourist that seem to cover every inch of our little town.

I can remember the days that our town was "OUR" town. Family wise... just locals... and nothing but fun, fun, fun, on the 4TH of July or any holiday. Now we can't even get a hot dog less you wait for an hour and a half.

So with much regret we are missing this celebration to the people that it was given to.... the tourist!! Would it not be nice to have the 4th of July only for the town....... just one day! Ban the cruise ships on the 4th of July and give us back our town so we can enjoy the celebration of our country.

Janice Williams
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Janice Williams writes: "I am a local Ketchikan gal. I lived here all of my life....even though I have had my vacations away for periods of time...this is my home. I am Tsimpshian-Tlinget born in Metlakatla, Alaska. I'm a Eagle-Wolf dancer for a local group and very proud of that. Also an Artist... which is my favorite thing to do."



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