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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
October 18, 2008

The Alaska Fire Service "Honors Its Own" Ketchikan's Tighe among those honored

The Alaska Fire Service "Honors Its Own"
Ketchikan's Tighe among those honored

Andy Tighe (Far Right) receives his award at the conference banquet on September 27th. Lt. to Rt: Mahlon Greene, Alaska State Fire Marshal's Office; Dave Tyler, Alaska State Fire Marshal; Cathy Tighe; and Andy Tighe, Ketchikan Fire Department
Front Page Photo Courtesy of the Alaska State Fire Marshal's Office



Ketchikan: The Alaska Fire Service "Honors Its Own"; Ketchikan's Tighe among those honored - Firefighters and fire chiefs from all over the State of Alaska recently met in Juneau at the 2008 Annual Fire Service Conference. At the annual Conference Banquet on September 27th, after a week of training and meetings, attendees honored Alaskan Firefighters that stood out in their service to their communities and the State of Alaska. The awards were announced at the conference banquet by Alaska State Fire Marshal David L. Tyler.

Firefighter/EMT2 Andy Tighe, a career staff member of the Ketchikan Fire Department and also a member of the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department, was named "Public Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year" for his outstanding job educating the public in the Ketchikan area about fire safety and fire prevention.

Sven Pearson from Capital City Fire Rescue was named "Firefighter of the Year" for his commitment and service to his community and fire department through establishing a training program for new recruits. This program prepared new department members for the difficult job as a firefighter. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

Alaska: UFA Calls for Fisheries Protections for North Aleutian Basin Oil and Gas Development - United Fishermen of Alaska, representing 37 Alaska commercial fishing organizations, on Thursday called for protections for ongoing sustainable fishing activities in the North Aleutian Basin, as the federal government considers moving forward with development of oil and gas leases in the area.

"The area under consideration represents over 40% of the commercial U.S. fisheries catch including the nation's richest crab, pollock, cod, halibut, and salmon fisheries, with annual harvests worth more than a half a billion dollars in ex-vessel value. With additional value in the processing sector and the nutritional value of sustainable seafood from these pristine waters, the long term value to the region and the nation stands on a par with energy needs. Sustainable, wild capture seafood production is an integral part of our national food production, and as such it is essential to overall national security," said UFA President Joe Childers.

The group's comment letter calls for fourteen points of protection and mitigation, including creation of Regional Citizens Advisory Councils to be funded by the approved leaseholders following lease sales, and not to wait for funding from production. UFA also called for establishment of an adequate fisheries disaster fund to provide compensation to the fishing industry and coastal communities in the event of disruption of fisheries; zero discharges from drilling installations; and inclusion of commercial fishing organizations in the planning process as stakeholders on a par with other cooperating municipal, state and federal agencies. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

Alaska: Alcohol Awareness Education Bill Set to Become Law - House Bill 75, introduced by Representative Jay Ramras (R-Fairbanks), becomes law on Tuesday, Oct. 21. This new law applies a proactive approach to educating minors about alcohol, preventing underage drinking and assisting the service industry in protecting their establishments and identifying underage customers.

Here's how it works: If you are under 21 years of age, and you are issued a minor's license on October 21st or in the future, your driver's licenses will now expire 90 days after your 21st birthday. If you are 19 years of age or older and getting an instruction permit, your instruction permit will expire no later than 90 days after your 21st birthday. Your new license will be an "OVER 21" horizontal type card. To have a driver's license or instruction permit issued under this new law, you MUST pass an Alcohol Awareness Test before you can renew your license or obtain a new license. The alcohol awareness test is based on information found in the State of Alaska Driver Manual. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

Ketchikan: Disability Mentoring Day Program to Happen in Ketchikan - On Wednesday, October 22, Southeast Alaska Independent Living, Community Connections, and the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) will host the tenth-annual Disability Mentoring Day in Ketchikan. This national AAPD program is officially commemorated during the month of October, which is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Disability Mentoring Day is designed to provide students and job- seekers with disabilities a firsthand experience in learning about career opportunities in a variety of their chosen fields. Disability Mentoring Day helps to promote the importance of encouraging these students and job-seekers to develop the necessary skills and experiences to compete in today's competitive workforce. For many people with disabilities, their past participation in Disability Mentoring Day has resulted in ongoing relationships, internships, and firm job offers. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

Washington Calling: Meltdown misses Congress ... Watch that sub - By LISA HOFFMAN - The financial meltdown may have taken a chunk of change from as many as 100 members of Congress who, in 2007, were invested in some of the biggest of the early casualties of the ongoing collapse.

In all, 49 House and Senate members reported they owned Wachovia stock, 32 had American International Group shares, and 21 were invested in Washington Mutual -- companies being sold, taken over by the feds or shut down, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Last year, lawmakers' AIG holdings were worth as much as $14 million, while their Wachovia stock totaled as much as $6 million. This week, the comparable total worth was $578,000 for AIG and $981,000 for Wachovia. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008


Basic Rules

letterTongass School of Arts and Sciences By Miguel Torres - I arrived to Ketchikan with my family in the summer of 2006 and looked at several schools in the district. I was most impressed with the atmosphere of the school and was intrigued by the curriculum, Integrated Thematic Instruction. My son, Marco and my daughter, Lisa recently graduated from Tongass and my son, Emo, is currently attending the third grade. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter CITY COUNCIL, BOROUGH ASSEMBLY By Charles Edwardson - I am more concerned than ever about our two governing bodies actions or in actions, I will be watching for responses on two issues in particular , on the city council side many calls to action have been requested on the city mayor's now infamous CNN interview and not one councilman but councilman Coose had the guts to say anything. As I said in my campaign for city council, the incumbents now newly elected by you the citizens of Ketchikan "are quiet" they will remain quiet and neutral as long as they can and as long as you allow them to, Politically this is the best place to put yourself and that is on the sidelines. Watching the game that way you do not get hurt in the game. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter Retaliation by Public Official By Shelley Stallings - Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with Mr. Weinstein's comments about Governor Palin, the important issue here is whether any person or community should have to put up with retaliation by a public official. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter Alaska Gas Prices By Steve Smeltzer - On a recent business trip to Wrangell, I paid $5.05 for regular unlead. In Ketchikan, I paid $4.36 for regular unlead Yesterday I paid $3.38 for mid grade at the Juneau Safeway. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter Schoenbar's music night - a STAR performance. By Judith Green - Tonight was not "just another" Friday night in Ketchikan. Tonight was a special night that showcased the talent of our students at Schoenbar, and SO much talent was presented. Our youth in Ketchikan, those in their early teen years, SHOWN tonight. - More..
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter Not Just High Gas Prices, But Everything! By Rachel Hert - Although I would have to say that I too am out-raged about gas prices, it does NOT stop there! I wanted to re-carpet my house, and I really wanted to shop locally, BUT when I got a quote to re-carpet a 600 square foot room I about fell over in front of the person -- they wanted $3,500 to $5,000 for the carpet alone, no padding, not installed, just the carpet! - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter RE: City Taxes and You By Mike Isaac - Rodney Dial has some very good ideas. I have always liked that route in fixing what is broken. My father was very active with Howard Jarvis and his Prop 13 which held property tax at 1% of the purchase price per year. That law keep us from being taxed into the innercity or valley areas of California as beach property values went up at light speed. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter Thank You By Judith Green - Once again, a THANK YOU to South Tongass Service. Always! friendly, happy, helpful clerks. Always! a clean appearance inside and outside.- More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter RESPONSE TO HIGGINS SPUR By Melissa Shull - This is in response to Daphne Schnur comments. The house on the corner that she is talking about belongs to me. She states that my dog can reach the road even on his chain. Not true. The pound came out and measured his chain. It does not reach the road. Yes he did kill 2 dogs that came onto our property, because they were not chained up and were not on their own property. I can only control my own animals not everybody elses. - More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008

letter Obama/Biden By Roy Nathan - For those that resist change, you resist the truth of why Alaska is being emptied by everyone but Alaskans. The reluctance to change is understandable when it is considered who is used to sumptuous feasting. Well parties are over boys. Somehow while Republicans ruled the roost; it was and still is the fault of the Democrats. This begs a question? How?- More...
Saturday - October 18, 2008


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November 4, 2008

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letter"Unofficial" actions do NOT represent Ketchikan By Andy Rauwolf - I am writing you in regard to recent "unofficial" actions of a political nature taken by Mayor Weinstein and my concern for the potential consequences that our community may be faced with. - More...
Wednesday - October 15, 2008

letterWhat price mediocrity? By Agnes Moran - In the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District the price is $1,229,476.00. That is the amount the district has appropriated for the Tongass School of Arts and Sciences for this school year. $1.2 million buys a school that is failing our students so badly that it is in danger of Federal Intervention because of failure to make Adequate Yearly Progress in some areas. The costs don't end with the annual appropriation because once the students escape Tongass School; additional funds have to be spent to bring a significant percentage of the Tongass students up to the level of their peers. Tongass School is the only failing elementary school in the school district. - More...
Wednesday - October 15, 2008

letter Eyes and Ears on the Executive and Legislative Branch, but what about the Judicial Branch? By Courtney Larsen - Much attention has been given regarding several positions within our U.S. executive branch, and our U.S. and Alaska State legislative branch; but little if any has addressed our Alaska State judicial branch, despite that many of judges-both at the Alaska Supreme, Superior, and District Court levels-are up for possible reinstatement (or possible retention) this November. Much has been highlighted about possible corruption and deception in these other two former branches, but the possibility of the equivalent has not been readily highlighted in the latter. - More...
Wednesday - October 15, 2008

letter Gas Prices, Gouging? By John Flood - In response to the price gouging comments, there is a simple complaint form specifically for the price gouging of gasoline on the Department of Energy's website, it only takes a minute to fill out. - More...
Wednesday - October 15, 2008

letter RE: Meandering By Jose Garcia - This is in response to SitNews Viewpoints "Meandering..." by Donita O'Dell and "What is Crab Mentality?" by Heizelle Jones, respectively: - More...
Wednesday - October 15, 2008

letter City taxes and you By Rodney Dial - Have you ever wondered how much City tax you pay on a gallon of heating fuel? As of today (10/13) a local fuel vendor is selling #2 heating oil for $3.79 per gallon. With City tax included, the cost you pay is $4.02 per gallon (23 cents tax). As the cost per gallon increases, so does the tax. - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letter WIDER SIDEWALKS! By Dave Kiffer - Michael Spence raised a very interesting point on the SITNEWS candidates forum right before the election and I didn't have a chance to answer it, but I would like to do so now. - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letter Part of the problem By Daphne Schnur - A few years back I called Animal Control about dogs tearing up my yard. I was told if I caught the dogs and secured them that someone from animal control would pick them up during normal business hours. I assured the person on the phone that if they just drove by my house at any given time they could fill up their vehicle all day long with unlicensed dogs at the very least. - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letter Gas and Diesel Gouging By Jeff Hendrickson - I, too, have been wondering why our fuel prices are not dropping as the rest of the country has been? I was talking with my mom and dad a couple days ago and they said the price of unleaded gas is now under $ 3.30 per gallon and the price of diesel is under $3.50 per gallon in Hoodsport, Wa. and both are dropping steadily. Why is it that ours isn't dropping? - More...
Monday - October 13, 2008

letter Price of fuel in Nowhere AK By Jon Van Essen - Well I guess the fuel distributors here in town need to make up for their losses in the stock market the past few weeks, I see the price is on the rise today (1 penny) while our fellow citizens in the lower 48 are enjoying the large drop in the price for a barrel of oil. If you go to Gasbuddy.com you will see what I'm talking about. Here are a few examples of how we compare around the nation when it comes to the price for a gallon of gas. - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letter Price gouging?? By Larry Kwasney - Help! Help! Help! Please report this to the state troopers. I went to the gas station to fill up my truck and I was raped at the gas pump. I know there are laws against price gouging, but why aren't they in effect here in Ketchikan? - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letter AG's 'spinning' is just embarrassing By Sen. Kim Elton - Sometimes the practice of law must be like wearing a hospital gown--pirouettes can expose your bum. - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letterRE: Teenage Drivers By Sarah Corporon - While it may be true that SOME teen aged drivers are irresponsible, I find it unfair to lump ALL teen aged drivers into the "irresponsible category". - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letter Gas Prices By Vanessa Nowland - I heard on the radio that fuel at a 7/11 in Oklahoma City is $2.57 per gallon - almost $2.00 less per gallon than in Ketchikan! - More...
Monday PM - October 13, 2008

letter Gouged in Alaska By Karen Ramsey - I've been thinking that if I owned a gas station in Ketchikan I would break free from the pack of price-fixers in our town (and no one can convince me that there isn't price-fixing going on, however illegal it may be) and drop my prices by oh, maybe 25 cents a gallon just to start. If we had one brave gasoline dealer charging us $4.10 for a gallon of unleaded instead of the $4.34 - $4.37 still being charged by the seven or so stations we have in our little captive island market, what do you think the result would be? Drivers would flock to the station charging the least. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Oil Prices: Gouging at Alaska Pumps By Lisa Hydock - I would like to know what is being done about the price gouging at the gas pumps in Alaska. The price of oil per barrel on the market closed at about $88 in the last few days. The all-time high was $147 per barrel earlier this year, when our price per gallon went up to $4.65. The price has come down to $4.35 per gallon, very slowly, and over a couple of months time.(8cents thanks to Gov. Palin) Friends and relatives in the lower 48 are reporting prices as low as $3.05 per gallon. My question is WHY is Alaska so much higher? Before the severe spike in cost, we were paying around $3 per gallon. So, across the nation, gas at the pump is significantly less than Alaska prices. I've lived in Alaska for more than twenty years and have never experienced this much greed. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Vote Begich for U.S. Senate By Charlotte L. Glover - Some years ago I was privileged to hear Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich speak to the Alaska Library Association. At the time, I was struck by his easy manner, his thoughtful comments on the political issues of the time and his sincere interest in educational issues that matter most to me. I've followed his career in the years since, and met him recently in Ketchikan, and am pleased to give him my vote for U.S. Senate. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Kudos to Parrot By Jack Slaght - I whole heartedly agree with Katie Parrot's assessment of where we currently stand with respect to our region's economic, political, environmental, and individual state of affairs. She correctly identifies our collective reality as being one where we live in wooden houses, burn fossil fuels, we can look around us and see plenty of healthy forest (including younger stands of timber). I would add that in spite of all the radical environmentalist doom & gloom that has been thrown out for the "public" to digest for a couple of decades, we still retain good fish & wildlife habitat throughout Southeast Alaska. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Pets, Children, Speeders on NPH By Suzan Thompson - The writers of recent letters addressing the pet, child, traffic problems on North Point Higgins all make excellent points. Ms. Bailey and Ms. O'Bryan are absolutely correct that there are far too many dogs allowed to run at large on this busy road. Ms. Shull is also correct when she says that speeding drivers are a big problem and I agree with her suggestion that if residents consistently call to report speeders when they see them, there may be some stepped-up enforcement. The State Troopers have always been willing to respond quickly to reports of reckless driving whenever I have had to call them. As far as I'm concerned, they can park in my driveway all day long and write tickets until they run out of ink. If it checks the tendency of drivers to drive 42 in a 25 mph zone because they're never sure if there's a Trooper up ahead, that's great. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Speeding Drivers By Jonna Cragun - While we are on the subject of speeding drivers I would like to mention what I observed this morning. I live on Roosevelt, south of town and this morning I was disgusted to observe a newer model, tan/champagne, Chevy SUV (Tahoe?) driving in front of my house at what must have been at least 40 miles per hour. This is a rough patch of road and obviously he was late for work or some other gambit of life that was important enough to risk the life of our local children. I don't care what his problem was I do however have a serious distaste for his arrogance. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Nowheresville By Virginia E. Atkinson - The past few years Alaska has been famous for "The Bridge to Nowhere or A road to Nowhere". Can tell it's almost election when certain topics resurface. Why is it that paople make noise about the same issues before election? Like it's going to do any good. So the bridge didn't go through, big deal, not everyone wants "change" but will only talk about it for a few more decades. Maybe the next generation will actually do something about it. Sometimes next year the Waldon Point Road will start its final phase and be paved, to nowhere. The Waldon Point Road project is funded by the military. While on the subject of nowhere how about a faster ferry boat to "nowhere" Uncle Sam or Aunty Sarah? Can you spare a few million dollars for it? - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Boarded Windows- What's up Downtown Steering Committee??? By Bobbie McCreary - As most of you are aware, for the past 5 years Ketchikan Youth Intitiatives has coordinated an effort to develop a themed approach to painting the boarded windows of Diamonds International, usually in collaboration with students from Revilla High School and then completed with a community wide event to complete the art project to brighten up our downtown in the Winter. We have received many compliments on this effort (some years more artistic than others!) Three years ago this project expanded to a series of murals installed on the boarded windows of the Bernard Passman building, created by Revilla students under the direction of local artist and muralist, Mary Henrikson. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Thank you By Charles Edwardson - First I would like to thank everyone who voted either for me or the candidate of your choice, I lost by eight votes, that is what I was told when I contacted the city clerk. I had to inquire about the procedure and was given a brief overview of the process after specific inquiries, my specific questions were addressed. Nothing was volunteered so for those of you who wish to run in the future you have to look for information yourselves. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Higgins Beach Purchase By Chris Barry - So all you silly people voted yes to buy a beach. Why? It can't be because we have no other beaches. I mean, c'mon, we only live on an island. How many beaches do we need? - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter RE: Obama/Biden By Kris Hansen - I admire Katie Parrott's opinion, the democrats are behind many of the blunders that have happened upon Alaska. Ketchikan had a Pulp Mill somewhere around mile 4 of North Tongass. Roy Nathan may not remember that. Nathan, it is the ghost town of derelict buildings at Wards Cove. It it is where Ketchikan, post canneries, developed a year round economy (the tourist and fisheries only sustain k-town and Sitka for about 5 months of the year the mill was 12 months). It is humbling to reflect on the thousands effaced by the sustainability act (basically no logging act) that a Democrat decided upon many years ago. I know that my brother in law and many others had to go back and spend federal dollars to attend college to earn a living again (another portion of the huge deficit we have because of the political armies we have put into D.C.). - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Property Taxes By Laurie Price - Oh what a wonderful borough we live in! A place where your house can burn to the ground and you can loose everything and still get the joy of paying taxes on a home that is no longer standing or unable to be inhabited. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Dog problem ciy wide By Stacey Hallmark-Morales - I agree with the other letter writers about the dog problem at South Point Higgins. I do not want to run over someone's dog if they are running loose and have encountered problems in the past over this. The thing is - I believe this is a city wide problem that is just that - a problem. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

letter Investigative reporting? By Thomas Thrush - What exactly does looking good and helping neighbors have to do with investigative reporting Mr. Bolling? If the politicians and the media (investigative reporters)would spend more time asking about policies and what's good for the country instead of manufacturing and dragging someone name through mud, we might be better informed to vote. - More...
Thursday PM - October 09, 2008

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