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RE: Meandering
By Jose Garcia


October 15, 2008

This is in response to SitNews Viewpoints "Meandering..." by Donita O'Dell and "What is Crab Mentality?" by Heizelle Jones, respectively:

Donita O'Dell's sentiments do not reflect her mindset to the nature of our Filipino kind of mindset if only to scan her intuitive history in a diversified manner. The US Constitution has embedded those rights to a free speech and the freedom of the press. I hope she will be the only one to comment on a subject matter that she does not comprehend and understand. She needs to be well versed before making comments...

By way of clearing the viewpoint of Heizelle Jones, "What is Crab Mentality?" ... The Crab Mentality is a habit (by the way) among ethnic Filipinos, i.e. - If one Filipino rises among the ranks either at work or in a community, there are 10 Filipinos that will grab this one Filipino not to rise if he will not carry the 10 Filipinos grabbing him.

This does not refer particularly to a snow crab or dungeness, savvy?

The Ningas Cogon, is particularly like starting a project that in the middle of the project he simply just shoves it and forget about it. The replica of James Bond "Live and Let Die" is the kind of Filipino tradition that he will never leave a task for tomorrow if he can finish it today.

In my 30 or more years in the United States, from Santa Clara, San Jose, San Francisco, Vallejo, Vacaville, Chino, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Texas, Colorado Springs, Washington and Florida, I was engrossed in the study of Filipino Associations, Fraternities, Organizations, and what not, though their desire to create an atmosphere of unity within an organized group, have resulted in cutting each other's throats defying the laws of camaraderie.

During the time of Philippine, I proposed to Tourism Head assigned in San Francisco, Peachy Villanueva (the daughter of former Senator Emmanuel Pelaez), to centralize all Filipino Associations into one umbrella, with one Constitution and Bylaws, and to truly represent what these Filipinos desire in a foreign country. But it did not yield good results having to consider that the Philippines is composed of 7,007 islands with different dialects, habits, and fanatical beliefs that just could not be united for a good common cause. Other's are political that the people from the Ilocos region maintained one President, while people in the Visayan region does not maintain those beliefs.

Ketchikan Filipinos have also come from these different places in the Philippines, ergo - my option to publicize my non-meandering topic of "Crab Mentality."

Thank you.

Jose Garcia
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 14, 2008 - Published October 15, 2008


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