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Eyes and Ears on the Executive and Legislative Branch,
but what about the Judicial Branch?

By Courtney Larsen


October 15, 2008

Dear Alaska Citizens,

Much attention has been given regarding several positions within our U.S. executive branch, and our U.S. and Alaska State legislative branch; but little if any has addressed our Alaska State judicial branch, despite that many of judges-both at the Alaska Supreme, Superior, and District Court levels-are up for possible reinstatement (or possible retention) this November. Much has been highlighted about possible corruption and deception in these other two former branches, but the possibility of the equivalent has not been readily highlighted in the latter.

Have we forgotten, for example, recent Alaska Supreme Court rulings that have defied the will of the People and of the Alaska State Legislature whom represent them? Have we forgotten that the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that familial dependent benefits of State and Anchorage municipal employees, previously granted only to those as a function of marriage between one man and one woman be allowed to those in another type of relationship not equivalent to marriage, despite that our Alaska State Constitution was amended to clarify marriage? Have we forgotten that the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that parents do not have a right to preserve life within the womb of their children?

And unlike politicians, whose term is limited to re-election every four or six years, a tenured Alaska Supreme Court judge's term is reinstated every ten years! In short, on Tuesday, November 4th, I ask that you vote NOT to reinstate the Alaska Supreme Court; so that a new judge may be appointed that will uphold the State Constitution as amended, and defend the laws created by the People through the Alaska Legislature.


Courtney Larsen
Master of Science in Family Ecology
Anchorage, AK

About: "Courtney Larsen lives with his wife and son in Anchorage."

Received October 15, 2008 - Published October 15, 2008



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