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By Melissa Shull


October 18, 2008

This is in response to Daphne Schnur comments. The house on the corner that she is talking about belongs to me. She states that my dog can reach the road even on his chain. Not true. The pound came out and measured his chain. It does not reach the road. Yes he did kill 2 dogs that came onto our property, because they were not chained up and were not on their own property. I can only control my own animals not everybody elses.

There are so many dogs running loose on our road yet Ms. Schnur complains about my dogs who are contained. Yes my children play outside just like all of the other children in the neighborhood. I'm glad I live on a road that is safe for the kids. You have to slow down for children outside in the summertime. Imagine that. You should slow down. Please call me if you have a problem.

Melissa Shull
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 16, 2008 - Published October 18, 2008


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