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Kudos to Parrot
By Jack Slaght


October 09, 2008
Thursday PM

I whole heartedly agree with Katie Parrot's assessment of where we currently stand with respect to our region's economic, political, environmental, and individual state of affairs. She correctly identifies our collective reality as being one where we live in wooden houses, burn fossil fuels, we can look around us and see plenty of healthy forest (including younger stands of timber). I would add that in spite of all the radical environmentalist doom & gloom that has been thrown out for the "public" to digest for a couple of decades, we still retain good fish & wildlife habitat throughout Southeast Alaska.

Since the early 1990's, several thousand hard-working people lost their livlihoods as the forest products industry was being dismantled so we could "save our Planet". That threw a heavier forest products supply-side burden on developing nations who have little in the way of environmental laws. Now our nation and region have fallen upon challenging economic times. I would say that we have been taken to the cleaners as a people by folks who've had very questionable, if not selfish, motives.

Jack Slaght
Petersburg, AK

About: "Former professional logger & timber faller"

Received October 09, 2008 - Published October 09, 2008


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