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Part of the problem
By Daphne Schnur


October 13, 2008
Monday PM

A few years back I called Animal Control about dogs tearing up my yard. I was told if I caught the dogs and secured them that someone from animal control would pick them up during normal business hours. I assured the person on the phone that if they just drove by my house at any given time they could fill up their vehicle all day long with unlicensed dogs at the very least.

I live off of Higgins Spur and one corner in particular is usually congested with 3 dogs and small children. One of the dogs is tied up to the house, unfortunately the chain reaches into the road. This dog has bitten children and killed 2 dogs while tied up. The kids from the same house like to drag their electric jeep and picnic table into the middle of the road to play. One night 4 girls in pajamas, probably 8 and under, where having a grand time at 10 pm. The interresting thing to me is a police officer lives kitty corner to this very house.

I creep down the road everytime, I KNOW there will be something alive in the way. When the dogs are out, I honk my horn in the hope the owners will catch on. When the kids are out I stop until the picnic party is safely moved out of the road. I do not allow my son to catch the bus at the highway and Higgins Spur, because of the dog.

Although I don't agree with how enforcement agencies are handling these situations the best I can do is to be the responsible person and use caution. I will call you if I see your dog out, I will call animal control if it continues to be a problem, I will call the Troopers if a believe your child is in danger.

When people are not held accountable there really is no reason for them to do things differently.

Daphne Schnur
Ketchikan, AK

About: "12 year residen"

Received October 10, 2008 - Published October 13, 2008



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