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Price gouging??
By Larry Kwasney


October 13, 2008
Monday PM

Help! Help! Help! Please report this to the state troopers. I went to the gas station to fill up my truck and I was raped at the gas pump. I know there are laws against price gouging, but why aren't they in effect here in Ketchikan?

I know that the price of gas in some areas in Wyoming is $2.89 and the national west coast price is about $3.49 per gallon. In Ketchikan it is $4.35 -- STILL. Now can you please explain to me how the average gas station has a 5,000 gallon capacity, give or take, and the prices raise every time the price of oil goes up, and now has not dropped since the price of oil per barrel, has dropped what -- $60? Please explain this to me.

We are just the people who have to fill up every week. We are not the ones making money off of the price of fuel. So for those of you who do make money at the pumps, please fill me in on how this process works.. Why is it quite simply still so darn expensive here in Ketchikan Alaska for gas? I would love to see your invoices. We are all simple people and wonder why we are at war with Iraq for being an oil cartel and we break bread every day with these people and who are the terrorist???

Am I the only one that sees this? I will be glad to to talk to the CARTEL in Ketchikan at anytime, but hurry Christmas is coming fast and I have to walk to work now.

Larry Kwasney
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 11, 2008 - Published October 13, 2008


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