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By Roy Nathan


October 18, 2008

For those that resist change, you resist the truth of why Alaska is being emptied by everyone but Alaskans. The reluctance to change is understandable when it is considered who is used to sumptuous feasting. Well parties are over boys. Somehow while Republicans ruled the roost; it was and still is the fault of the Democrats. This begs a question? How?

When the oil was parceled out by your elected. You said nothing. When the old growth forests were razed. You said nothing? When the fat cats you elected wheeled and dealed our fishing industry away. You said nothing. There was a time I did make a mistake of voting Republican, I will regret that act for the rest of my days.

When the bridge became a focal point of public disgust, it should have become obvious that the great leaders you kept electing were doing their best. Even after the bridge was stopped, someone kept the midnight oil burning and finished the road to nowhere on Gravina.

This has happened before I believe when the Ketchikan International Airport was built. Who profited then? All this while under a Republican watch. But wait, somehow it was the Democrats again?????

Under the Obama/Biden administration you guys will definitely know the party is over.

Roy Nathan

Received October 17, 2008 - Published October 18, 2008



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