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Dog problem ciy wide
By Stacey Hallmark-Morales


October 09, 2008
Thursday PM

Dear Editor,

I agree with the other letter writers about the dog problem at South Point Higgins. I do not want to run over someone's dog if they are running loose and have encountered problems in the past over this. The thing is - I believe this is a city wide problem that is just that - a problem.

I have lived in Juneau, Kodiak Island, and other smaller towns and have never seen so many loose dogs! Yes, Alaskans love dogs and many own them, but allow a little too much freedom which leads to the possibility of harm, encounters with people that do not want to encounter your dog on their walk along a public street, one impregnating another dog due to the fact that they are unaltered, and of course the lovely issue of other dogs pooping and peeing on your property, which has been an issue of mine. I do not let my dogs roam around your yard to do their "business" and I would appreciate you doing the same of my yard. I get tired of picking up other dog's waste and I have even had a dog come up and mark their territory on my front porch by peeing all over whatever may be on the porch! It would be different if these are areas with only a few residents within a few miles, but these are places where there are many people trying to live happily in very close proximity. I don't want them locked up in the backyard to remain unexposed to the world - that's not good for them either, but please be responsible for your dogs. Actually putting them on a leash and walking them would be good for your dog, good for your neighbors, and good for your own health.

Stacey Hallmark-Morales
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 08, 2008 - Published October 09, 2008


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