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Oil Prices: Gouging at Alaska Pumps
By Lisa Hydock


October 09, 2008
Thursday PM

I would like to know what is being done about the price gouging at the gas pumps in Alaska. The price of oil per barrel on the market closed at about $88 in the last few days. The all-time high was $147 per barrel earlier this year, when our price per gallon went up to $4.65. The price has come down to $4.35 per gallon, very slowly, and over a couple of months time.(8cents thanks to Gov. Palin) Friends and relatives in the lower 48 are reporting prices as low as $3.05 per gallon. My question is WHY is Alaska so much higher? Before the severe spike in cost, we were paying around $3 per gallon. So, across the nation, gas at the pump is significantly less than Alaska prices. I've lived in Alaska for more than twenty years and have never experienced this much greed.

Need I mention that Winter is drawing near? I called a company in Southeast AK for heating fuel price per gallon - a whopping $4.44! Well, there goes one of the energy 'payments' received along with the PFD's this year, and Winter isn't even here yet.

When will the fuel costs in Alaska be more aligned with the lower 48?

Of course, I'm aware that Alaska is usually about $.50 higher than the rest of the U.S. How about a reduction to $3.35 per gallon? Would this be asking too much?

Lisa Hydock
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I am a Family Manager - mother of four children, entrepreneur/property owner/manager (x3), and loving wife. Passionate about politics, lifelong Republican, and can not stand the 'tax and spend' mentality of our government. I feel we (our government) need change - and Obama is not it. We need reform in politics, nat'l budget, entitlement programs, etc. All of this has to do with the price of oil and how it is affecting Alaskans, especially with Winter nearing - and the cost of heating fuel at $4.44 per gallon. I have the expertise of being an informed voter, aware of current issues, supporter of the Republican party, and an entrepreneur affected by the high price of oil/gas here in Alaska. "

Received October 09, 2008 - Published October 09, 2008



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