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Price of fuel in Nowhere AK
By Jon Van Essen


October 13, 2008
Monday PM

Well I guess the fuel distributors here in town need to make up for their losses in the stock market the past few weeks, I see the price is on the rise today (1 penny) while our fellow citizens in the lower 48 are enjoying the large drop in the price for a barrel of oil. If you go to you will see what I'm talking about. Here are a few examples of how we compare around the nation when it comes to the price for a gallon of gas.

Ketchikan, AK $4.35 Gal
Seattle, WA $2.99 Gal
Orlando, FL $2.91 Gal
Juneau, AK $4.25 Gal (They must get a different barge than us)
Portland OR $2.95 Gal
Anchorage AK $3.79 Gal
Detroit, MI $2.69 Gal
Corpus Cristie TX $2.38 Gal (Didn't this area just get hit by a Hurricane and loose most of its refineries?)

I know we have always paid a little more But a dollar plus seems a bit extreme. A year ago this time we were paying about $3.47 a gal, the price for a barral of oil was about if not higher than it closed on Friday.

I have sent the Alaska State Attourney General a letter requesting to look in to why our fuel prices are so high I.E price gouging. I encourage anyone else who's tired of getting gouged at the pump to do the same.

Jon Van Essen
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 12, 2008 - Published October 13, 2008


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