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Front Page Photo

Alaska Closer To Opening ANWR
Junjik River is located within the Smith Mountains of the Brooks Range.
ANWR Photo Courtesy U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Alaska: Alaska Closer To Opening ANWR (SitNews) - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski said Friday, "Alaska's Congressional Delegation has won a great victory in the ANWR debate, bringing the United States closer to fulfilling the promise of finally opening the 1002 area."

The U.S. Senate gave final approval Thursday for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as part of a deficit-cutting budget bill and then voted overwhelmingly to prohibit exporting any of the oil pumped from the region. -

The Senate voted 52-47 for a budget reconciliation bill that includes provisions to allow for drilling in the 2,000-acre portion of the Coastal Plain of ANWR. With that vote, the U.S. Senate defeated an amendment to remove ANWR from the bill.

Governor Murkowski said, "It is clear that the common sense views of most Alaskans regarding energy development prevailed on this issue that is so vital to the energy security of our nation." He said, "We've got good reason to believe that the small 1002 area holds the greatest prospects for the next Prudhoe Bay-sized discovery and that means jobs for Alaskans and a stable domestic source of energy for the nation." - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2005

The Week In Review: Bush chooses Alito for Supreme Court

President Bush named appeals court Judge Samuel Alito as his third nominee to the Supreme Court. Alito was immediately accepted by conservatives who had slammed Bush's previous choice, White House counsel Harriet Miers. But abortion-rights Democrats warned they might try to block Alito. "The filibuster's on the table," Sen. Barbara Boxer of California said.

Bush outlines bird-flu plan

President Bush asked Congress for $7.1 billion to prepare the country for an epidemic of bird flu. The money would help pay for vaccine development, drug and vaccine stockpiling, disease surveillance and health departments' manpower needs. Federal plans said sustained person-to-person spread of the bird flu anywhere in the world could prompt the United States to impose travel restrictions. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2005

Washington Calling: Republican angst ... angry panda ... other items By LANCE GAY - Republican angst is deepening in Washington, as incumbents fret about re-election chances and furor mounts over leadership shortcomings.

Reagan economic guru William Niskanen bitterly told his fellow gray suits at a recent tax summit that the Bush administration is the worst he's seen in his adult life. There was no dissent from the Heritage Foundation pooh-bahs and other conservative heavies present.

On Capitol Hill, GOP incumbents are so steamed about the steady erosion of support in the polls that there's open talk about new leadership elections in January. Expect discontent to erupt at a GOP retreat in January. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2005



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letter A road and bridge needed, but not to Gravina By David Rettke - Friday am
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letter Leaders in the managment of fisheries By David Rettke - Friday am
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letter Eat Wild Salmon By Chasina Worman - Thursday am
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letter Pandemic influenza preparedness By Martin J. Blaser - Wednesday am
letter Mobbed by Trick-or-Treaters By Tori Jackson - Wednesday am
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Ketchikan Columnist  

Dave Kiffer: Truth In Advertising - There was an old magazine advertisement for sale on EBAY this week (told you they sold just about anything!).

The 1969 magazine ad was for Xerox and was what we used to call in the publishing biz a "two page spread." One page was the copy "We service downtown locations: Downtown Thief River Falls, Downtown Spearfish, Downtown Kodiak." The ad went on to trumpet the fact that Xerox (The Copier People!) were just about everywhere that you needed them to be. No matter how "out of the way" the location.

Fine. Good job. Way to make your point and sell your product.

But it was the second page caught my attention. It was a line drawing of someone wearing a parka and snow shoes and carrying a briefcase marked "Xerox." The tagline under the picture read "Our Man in Ketchikan." - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2005

Columns - Commentary

Bob Ciminel: Support Wildlife: Use Metal Barbeque Spits - With the huge number of cars and trucks traveling metro Atlanta roads these days, one is exposed to a lot of specialized license plates, not to mention bumper stickers that run the gamut of everything currently going on in our society. Add to that the stick-on Support Our Troops ribbons and a lot of cars are moving advertisements that can tell you more than you probably want to know about the driver in front of you.

One sign that really tickles me is "Caution: Show Dogs On Board." I'm not sure what that means. Does it mean I'm supposed to roll down my window and ask for an autograph or what brand of dog food they use? It's just one of life's mysteries I'll probably never find the answer to. I wonder why I've never seen a sign saying "Caution: Show Cats On Board?" - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2005

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on the Bucky Guy - Now I know how my mother felt when she learned, while strolling thru Sherway Gardens in Toronto, that Elvis had died. Her tearful reaction is the only reason that I recall that day so clearly.

There were no waterworks, but I definitely felt a lump in my throat when I was scrolling down the homepage of the New York Times last Saturday and saw "Richard E. Smalley, 62, Dies; Chemistry Nobel Winner."

Please, no! It can't be true. It shouldn't be true. But the past-tense recollections of James Heath, a Caltech chemistry professor, and one of Rick Smalley's best known students, left no room to doubt the tragic conclusion to the life of nanotechnology's guiding light. According to the spokesman from Rice University, in Houston, Professor Smalley died fighting leukemia, or blood cancer. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2005

Dale McFeatters: The long bond returns - Republican deficit hawks, "Blue Dog" Democrats and people generally who believe government should live within its means may want to circle Feb. 9 on their calendar as a day of minor mourning.

That's when the Treasury Department will revive, after a five-year hiatus, the "long bond," the 30-year T-bill the government issues when it needs to borrow large amounts of money for a long time. And Treasury needs to borrow a record $171 billion in the first quarter of 2006 to finance the federal budget deficit. - More...
Saturday - November 05, 2005

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