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A Woman's Place...
By Yeda Hicks


November 05, 2005

Recently I was scheduled to have a physical. Of all the places in town to have a physical I was sent to "A Woman's Place" on Carlana street. I wasn't worried that being a man I had to go to "A Woman's Place" (well maybe a little), but I was a little nervous.

When I walked in the door my first impression was, "Yep, this is "A Woman's Place". All the posters, brochures, magazines, paintings, etc. said in very bold letters - this is "A Woman's Place". However, from the time the receptionist greeted me to the time I walk out the door, I was made to feel totally at ease.

Pam never mentioned the fact that I had a large hole in my sock even though my big toe stuck half way out. She just made comfortable small talk and took me through the weight, height and eyesight thing. Thank you Pam.

Doctor Small was great. (She's from Texas) She took the time to explain the different women contraceptives that were on one of the posters in the examination room. She has a way about her that helps people instantly relax around her which I truly appreciated. Thank you Dr. Small.

Of course I passed the physical. But more than that, I discovered a little oasis where service with a smile takes on a whole new meaning.

Yeda Hicks
E-mail: yeda77us(at)
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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