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By Marie Monyak


November 04, 2005

After reading Valerie Brooks' letter about trick-or-treaters on Jackson Street, I couldn't help but try to understand her point of view, put myself in her shoes so to speak. Let's face it; no one likes to feel used, abused or taken for granted. The folks that turn on their lights and welcome kids big and small truly do deserve a huge thanks, for unselfishly giving those kids a safe, well lit, fun place to celebrate Halloween. Small towns all across the country have 'that neighborhood' that the majority of children go to for trick-or-treating. Jackson Street is it in Ketchikan. So how do we keep these generous people from being overwhelmed because of their kindness?

I always believed that for every problem there are numerous solutions and here's just one. We have so many groups and clubs in Ketchikan; the Eagles, Lions, Moose, Red Men, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Hot Shots (the new paint ball club), and the list goes on. Suppose one of these groups "adopted" Jackson Street, just for Halloween, and did a very simple fund raiser in the beginning of October to collect bags of candy or cash for candy. A & P and WalMart are forever allowing groups to set up tables for any good cause. One resident of Jackson Street (preferably with a garage) would set a day or two that residents FROM JACKSON STREET ONLY can come by to pick up their 10 or 15 bags. The members from that group would man the barricades set up by the city, allowing only residents to drive through on Halloween night. Naturally the city needs to be notified in advance and asked for their assistance and cooperation.

This is such a simple, easy solution that would show appreciation, and at the same time ease the financial burden on the residents. It's better than finding all their lights turned off and no one at home.

Once again, thanks to everyone, not just Jackson Street, that makes Halloween a fun and happy time for our kids.

Marie L. Monyak

Ketchikan, AK - USA

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