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Leaders in the managment of fisheries
By David Rettke


November 04, 2005

The Alaska fishing industry is not only NOT over fishing, they are leaders in the management of fisheries. Alaskan's have led the way of environmentally and conservative management of fisheries, and the State of Alaska actually constitutionally protects all fisheries within the State of Alaska.

I am not a fisherman, but I have lived and worked alongside of Alaskan fishermen for years and I can tell you that they are for the most part very concerned about fishery management and what's best for the sea life. I have heard of many a fisherman going out of their way to invent the means to protect other wildlife from the harvesting tools they use.

In recent times people have been fooled into believing that farmed fish is the wave of the future and the only way to go. In fact, most diseased fish come from these so-called fish farms. Any time man gathers in huge numbers of wild life or even domesticated animals for the purpose of producing food for market, it seems that disease becomes a problem.

In the end, fishing in Alaska always has those who disagree that the best effort is being made, but having lived here and around many of the fishermen, I can say personally that in Alaska at least, the fishing industry has gone way out of its way to protect and enhance the wild stock. This applies not only to the Salmon, but to Halibut, Crab, and other sea food one sees in the store or on the table at a local restaurant.

I also know for a fact, that Alaska seafood is good for you. Things like heavy metals, mercury or other poisons are not present in Alaska seafood. I can feed my grand kids seafood caught in Alaska with the confidence that it is clean, disease free, and safe. Not only that, it is good for them too.

I urge you to check out the management of fishery's and who has been the leaders in environmental, wildlife and quality catch. You will find that Alaska Fishermen have led the way for decades. They know that in order for people to want to eat Alaskan fish and seafood, it has to be clean, disease free, and caught in a safe and sound way, unharmful to the environment. Unlike other countries where fishing isn't as regulated or not focused on environmental or disease issues, Alaskans always have and always will be there in the forefront and leading the way to better ways for the wildlife and the people whom eat it.

David Rettke
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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