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Is fishing industry properly managing catch?
By Lisa Fiel


November 01, 2005

I am very upset to know that Alaska is fishing out its sea life population to meet the ever ravenous human population's needs. Sure it's great we're all eating more fish and less meat/animal protein but what are we doing by imposing a morbid imbalance in the world's oceans? The food chain in that environment must have their fair share of food for their populations.

I feel very uneasy eating fish these days. I almost feel that I am doing something morally wrong. How did we get to this? We got to this because we have over-populated this planet with no regard for family planning and use of proper birth control.

Those in the seafood supply industry; fisheries and fisherman are over-catching to greedily meet the demand without any ethical consideration of their actions. So while you boast about how lucrative Alaska's fishing industry has become, what do you have to say for yourselves regarding the lack of moral and ethical considerations?

I would like a reply to this because if there is enough salmon and fish in the region and this is not cause for concern, I would like to know the scientific truth. Is the industry properly managing the catch?
Lisa Fiel
New York, NY - USA




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