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Fishermen are not the threat to wild salmon...
By Frances Field


November 05, 2005

Thank you Chasina for sharing that great information. There is so much misinformation concerning Wild Alaskan Salmon, as well as not enough information about those nasty little buggers called farmed salmon.

If you want scientific proof Ms. Fiel about Alaska's fishery management, go to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website:

The Department of Fish and Game manage our fisheries in Alaska, and they do an excellent job. They have fisheries management biologist who keep close tabs on our fisheries to ensure we will always have a renewable resource. Please don't group Alaska with the rest of the world who have destroyed their fisheries. Our fisheries are totally sustainable, and fishermen and biologist want to keep it that way. Fishermen in Alaska are extremely ethical, they realize if they over fish their fisheries, they will not have jobs. Therefore, the fisheries are put into the hands of trained biologist who the fishermen trust to ensure there will always be fish to catch. Alaska fishermen are anything but greedy, even if they wanted to be, the law forbids it. Fishermen can get fines up to a couple thousand dollars for keeping their net in the water even just a few minutes after the fishery has closed. Fisheries are strictly enforced here and there are severe punishments for not following the law.

Now, I want to touch on the subject of farmed fish. Ms. Fiel said she was feeling uneasy about eating salmon lately. I would too if I were eating farmed fish. Farmed fish also known as "Atlantic Salmon," "Organic Salmon," and my personal favorite, "Color Added Salmon" are disgusting creatures.

Here are some great news commentaries about farmed fish from NPR; hopefully they will scare people away from eating those salmon "imposters."

Sea Lice from Fish Farms Can Plague Wild Salmon

Experts Warn of Toxins in Farm Salmon

High PCB Levels Found in Farmed Salmon

In short, did you know that the natural meat color of a farmed fish is the lovely shade of grey? The fish farmers feed the fish a dye that dyes the meat the color of natural salmon. Now that's a nice thought. Also, cancer causing agents have been found in farmed salmon. Wait, there's more, farmed fish do not have Omega 3 which wild salmon have naturally. Omega 3 is what helps fight heart disease. And, last but not least, farmed fish carry all sorts of diseases that wild salmon are not immune to. Farmed Fish escape from their fish pens all the time and mingle with wild salmon. How do I know this? We catch them in our nets up here in Alaska and we don't even have farmed fish pens in Alaska, which means they are coming from areas that do allow it. Now, that's scary. Think about all that the next time you bite into a farmed fish.

We have plenty of wild salmon in Alaska to go around, and we will continue to as long as farmed fish do not kill off our wild salmon species. Fishermen are not the threat to wild salmon, farmed fish are.

We have a saying up here in Alaska, "Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish. Eat Wild Alaskan Salmon!"

Frances Field
Haines, AK - USA


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