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Mobbed by Trick-or-Treaters
By Tori Jackson


November 02, 2005

My parents lived on Jackson Street from about 1967 until 2003, and my Aunt still lives on Jackson Street, so I am sure they can sympathize with Ms. Brooks completely. I have no idea how Jackson Street became "the place" to Trick-or-Treat, but even when I was a kid growing up on Jackson there were always more kids that came to the door than lived in our neighborhood by far.

Now that my parents live in a different neighborhood in Ketchikan they have said that the amount of candy they have to buy has dropped considerably. When they lived on Jackson, no matter how much candy they bought, they always ran out before the kids stopped coming.

Maybe it is time for more of your neighbors to declare that enough is enough. Blocking off your street just so you can be mobbed by Trick-or-Treaters doesn't seem right to me, especially if no one on Jackson has been asked their opinion on the matter.

Tori Jackson
Port Angeles, WA - USA


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