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Shift in wealth
By Robert K. Rice


November 05, 2005

I read where the Bush administration and Congress are looking at four places to make up the dollars needed to pay for Hurricane Katrina - Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and College Scholarship programs. Sort of a reverse Robin Hood approach. If you need more money, take from the poor.

Our children and elderly are expected to suffer for the enormous cost of this administration's blunders. How about the money for the tax giveaways to the wealthy and to the large corporations and the oil giants? Couldn't we find a few dollars there?

With the Republicans controlling all three branches of Government there is no sign of stopping this. The huge shift in wealth from the bottom to the top that has taken place this past five years shows no sign of slowing down as long as our government is controlled by this group of extremist who have no concern for the average person except to get their votes.

Please vote for change and also contact our legislators and ask them to find the money to pay for natural disasters from somewhere else besides the elderly, youth and the poor of this country.


Robert K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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