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Access is the problem
By Valerie Brooks


November 04, 2005

OK. I would like to acknowledge my regard for all opinions on this matter, but in the interest of attempting to clearly make my point, I must respond.

I should turn off the lights and sit in the dark in my home since the street will be blocked off and I won't be able to choose to leave even if I want to?

Access is the problem; certainly not the kids, not even necessarily the 'tradition' of the street as Halloween central (although I freely admit that it is not my favorite 'holiday').

The problem is the fact that I was not allowed to access my home when I chose to and needed to. There was no clause in our purchase agreement that said participation in Halloween activities on Jackson was madatory.

I don't believe one can dispute this; I respectfully submit that an event of this sort which denies city residents access to their property is not right.

Valerie Brooks
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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