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Consider yourself lucky
By Alisa Gubatayao


November 04, 2005

All hail to Mr. Incredible and the rest of his gang on Halloween. Before I graduated from high school and moved away, I lived on Monroe Street for 13 years. As Monroe Street is one street over from Jackson, and Jackson is always blocked off, we naturally received the overflow of hundreds of trick-or-treaters. Although we always ran out of candy before the night was over and had to tolerate the doorbell ringing endlessly until bedtime (even though all lights were out in the house), never once did it occur to my family that it was a public nuisance. On the contrary, my family and I considered ourselves lucky for living in such a child-friendly area. My brothers and I were even allowed to go out on our own on Halloween night. Imagine that.

As a current Texas resident (only the 2nd largest state in the union!), we did not receive one trick-or-treater where we live. So consider yourself lucky to have the pleasure of viewing ghosts and goblins and Mr. Incredibles galore.

Alisa Gubatayao
Plano, TX - USA




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