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October 04, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

'Woof... Wolf'
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

National: Miers: Bush crony or best-qualified candidate? By BILL STRAUB - Critics are citing the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court as another example of President Bush's predilection toward appointing pals and associates to some of the highest positions in the U.S. government.

When Bush announced his choice Monday, he acknowledged that he has known and been friends with Miers, the White House counsel, for more than a decade.

"I know her heart. I know her character," Bush said. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

National: Many justices have been judicial novices By MICHAEL DOYLE - Harriet Miers has at least one thing in common with some of the best, and worst, Supreme Court justices of all time. She is utterly devoid of judicial experience.

Presidents have long reached well beyond the federal bench in selecting Supreme Court nominees. They've tapped senators, law professors, Cabinet secretaries and cronies.

The one rule is there is no rule for predicting who flies high and who flames out. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

National: Closing a loophole that allows Arlington burial for some murderers By LISA HOFFMAN - If the notorious BTK serial killer Dennis Rader wants to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, there's nothing to stop him.

But that would change under a newly unveiled Senate measure to close a loophole that allows some murderers to be laid to rest in America's most sacred soil. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

National: America's forgotten dead: Unidentified bodies go unreported By THOMAS HARGROVE - It's as if America fought a secret war and suffered tens of thousands of casualties, each an unknown soldier buried in an unmarked grave.

Missing-person experts estimate that the bodies of 40,000 to 50,000 unidentified men, women and children have been found by police during the past 50 years. These John, Jane and Baby Does were sent to local coroners and medical examiners for examination and then anonymously buried or cremated. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

National: Amateur sleuths solving cases By THOMAS HARGROVE - Amateur detectives have played an increasing role in solving John, Jane and Baby Doe cases in recent years, often using the Internet to make links between reports of missing people and unidentified bodies that overwhelmed police departments failed to notice. Here are five examples: - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

Front Page Photo by Lisa Thompson

'Peaceful Flight'
Front Page Photo by Lisa Thompson

National: Minnesota's polio case is a health puzzler By MAURA LERNER - How did a baby in central Minnesota contract the virus that causes polio, a crippling disease that was essentially wiped out in the United States a quarter century ago?

That question has mystified state and federal health officials since tests confirmed the polio virus in an unidentified infant last week. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

Science: Study: Getting old means gaining weight By LEE BOWMAN - A 30-year study finds that most adults - 9 out of 10 men, 7 out of 10 women - are likely to be or become overweight as they grow older.

The report, published Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, was based on the experience of more than 4,000 white adults who were the second generation of a long-term study of heart disease sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005



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Jason Love: Boxing - The last time I exchanged blows was in the fourth grade, when Benji Leva was spitting on my sister at the bus stop. I pulled Benji's raincoat over his head, kicked him in the backpack, and bolted to school as fast as I could.

Believe it or not, I had no formal training.

That all changed when I met George Sylva, owner of Sylva's Boxing Gym. Last year George won a title at the Ringside World Championship. Today he faced a more daunting challenge: teaching me the trade. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

Dr. Yvonne Fournier - HASSLE-FREE HOMEWORK: How to shed a few pounds and do homework, too - DEAR DR. FOURNIER: My daughter is in the fifth grade and I can't believe what she is expected to carry to and from school. Her book bag last night weighed 54 pounds and she didn't even have all her books with her! Is this illegal? Are teachers required to carry 54-pound packages when they go home? I have told my child to only bring home what she needs, but she is afraid of leaving something at school. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

Jay Ambrose: Two faces of the GOP - A couple of memories.

It is late 1995 or maybe early 1996, I am relatively new in Washington and so is the Contract with America, a list of proposed policy changes credited with helping the Republicans take over the House of Representatives in 1994's historic midterm election. I accompany some reporters to a session with Republican representatives. They are filled with idealism, excited about initial legislative successes and happily plotting their next moves. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

Martin Schram: Bush's presidency looms, sadly, as the worst of the modern era - In the middle of the 57th month of his presidency, George W. Bush is like a Texas rancher who is trapped in the middle of his own pasture, but doesn't know it. He keeps insisting that he'll just put his best foot forward - never noticing that he is surrounded by nothing but upturned rakes.

Time after time, he steps out firmly and boldly. Time after time, each rake's nameplate ends up imprinted on his forehead: Iraq. Afghanistan. Iran. Osama. Katrina. Rita. DeLay. Frist. Terrorists. Deficit. Abu Ghraib. Rummy. Cheney. FEMA. Jobs. Outsourcing. Pensions. Abortion. Enron. Halliburton. Social Security. Loose Nukes. Health Costs. Bio-terror. "Dirty" Bombs. Stem Cells. Global Warming. Troops Without Armor. Arab Oil. Record Oil Prices. Record Oil Company Profits. Rich Get Richer. Middle-Class Gets Poorer. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

Dale McFeatters: A rare Bush press conference - It's a sign of how much political trouble President Bush is in that he was willing to hold a press conference, his first since May. Bush is sparing with press conferences - the fewest of any modern president - and tends to hold them only when he has to.

Tuesday's nearly-hourlong session in the Rose Garden had a twofold purpose: Launching the campaign to win Senate confirmation for Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers; and trying to reverse the political momentum that has been going against him - as is said in Washington, "to regain his swagger." - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

Dan Thomasson: When bad information drives out the good - Prominent Washington attorney Jay Ricks tells of receiving an e-mail forwarded by a Jackson, Miss., doctor who allegedly went to Houston to help with the evacuees from Hurricane Katrina. The letter was widely circulated and was being cited as evidence of the ingratitude of those the doctor was trying to help.

The letter said that after several days of putting up with the most horrendous displays of selfishness and bad manners, including evacuees' rejecting the food being handed out to them and demands for such things as fast-food hamburgers and other fare, the doctor had thrown up his hands and returned home thoroughly disgusted. It was a none-too-subtle racial indictment clearly aimed at the evacuees, an overwhelming number of whom are black. - More...
Tuesday - October 04, 2005

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Wednesday -October 05, 2005

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