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West and Sallee Solid, Effective Leadership
By Penny Penderson


October 03, 2005

I appreciate an elected official that understands the reasons why we live here, does their homework, and make an informed decision. This describes the dedication of Marty West on City Council and Mike Sallee on the Borough Assembly. I urge you to vote for their re-election on October 4th.

Both of these individuals value the land, the people and the economic diversity that is needed to allow us to flourish in this community. They do not come to promote their own political or economic agenda. Instead, they do their homework on the issues, talk with people, and promote effective decisions. I respect and trust their leadership.

On October 4th, vote Marty West for City Council and Mike Sallee for Borough Assembly true leaders in our community.

Penny Penderson
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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