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Good old boys club
By Rob Holston


October 01, 2005
Saturday PM

It is Mr. Muench and the good old boys club that operate in a dream state if they think that the KGB's handling of the afore mentioned Green Peace visits caused any positive outcomes short of patting one another on the back and saying "We really got them this time."

While Green Peace invites Pacific rim national leaders to see for themselves the devastation of the Tongass by actually showing them clear-cut native and other non U.S. or Alaska state held forest lands, the industry and the KGB should be mounting their own educational offensive, NOT aimed at Green Peace, the organization, but at international buyers, American public and business and political leaders who can and will make positive decisions. We should be funding our own documentary, touting the truth, not myth and meeting the adversary head to head. Why not invite King 5 News or 20/20 and others to the next Green Peace confrontation? Why not take control of the agenda, set up forums, field trips, debates and testimony. I, for one have faith in the American public that they want to know the truth and respect it when they hear it. We, as a community need to have the guts to stand up and deliver the message.

I find it interesting that Mr. Seley & the U.S. Forest Service met with Green Peace when they were in Ketchikan. It is Mr. Seley who has taken steps to make his industry environmentally friendly, such as barging logs instead of rafting them as one example, that keeps Green Peace at bay and his workers employed. With forward thinking individuals taking the initiative, we can and will move this community forward.

Rob Holston

Ketchikan, AK - USA



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