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Not on our borough assembly
By Eric Muench


September 29, 2005
Thursday PM

One of Rob Holston's political ads in the Local Paper is so divorced from reality that I think it deserves a response. He says when Greenpeace next visits Ketchikan we should educate them, and thereby turn the tide of public opinion , presumably in our favor.

That is fantasy. Greenpeace is not a public spirited education group. It does not do honest documentaries. It is a professional environmental advocacy group and it does propaganda. While it enlists volunteers who probably think they are helping a good cause, its business is fund raising for its activities and professional staff. As we have seen many times over, its method is publicity stunts and the creation of media materials full of lies. It cannot raise money for its so-called "Tongass forest protection" if it ever admits that the forest is not being raped and ruined.

Meeting with Greenpeace in an effort at presenting facts and having honest discussion will just give them yet another opportunity to manipulate the meeting records for later publicity to make it appear that they have lots of local support.

No matter how Holston feels about the aims and claims of Greenpeace, the idea that they can be convinced to change their policies puts him in a dream state that does not belong on our borough assembly.

Eric Muench
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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