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Well said Hanger, Except the Axe
By Rick Watson


October 01, 2005
Saturday PM

I think you made a fairly close assessment of our election situation. However I think if we had more candidates with an axe to grind against certain current Managers, Leaders and Government bodies we might make some progress after all the fur flies.

I suppose under your definition I too would not qualify as a candidate because I have an axe to grind as well?

What KPU Managers, the City Managers and the City Council did to KIS (Ketchikan Internet Service) and the public for that matter, was dead wrong.

Government should never enter into a market where the private sector is already established and providing a service. They should also immediately exit any market that the private sector enters into to avoid unfair competition. Government should only provide a service if no other choice exists. If they do not follow these simple rules we end up with only one major provider, virtually no competition, poor quality, and little hopes of it ever changing.

And for the record, I work for a non-profit corporation (not government) that shares this exact no-compete philosophy. When asked for a reason why we don't compete our simple answer is, that it would not follow our mission goals of Stewardship and Collaboration within our community.

Rick Watson
Ketchikan AK - USA


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