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Election Day is upon us Ketchikan
By Patrick Jirschele


October 01, 2005
Saturday PM

Election Day is upon us Ketchikan. How say you, will you be patriotic Alaskans and vote, or will you be sheep and stay home to watch Survivor on the boob tube? I'm afraid I know the answer. About 22% patriots and 78% sheep.
It is not the U.S. flag lapel pins that make you a patriot any more than a car with magnetic ribbons all over it supports our fighting men and women. It is your actions. The most important patriotic action you can take and the easiest is to vote. Vote for candidates who will put the financial and physical security of the community first.
How is the Borough doing?  A good way to measure its performance is to look at the schools. Two of seven public schools are shut down. For a couple of years the students from these schools have been passed around like refugees. The middle school is now located in an abandoned clothing store in the mall. The community has passed millions of dollars in bonds to try to fix the debacle. No one has been held responsible.
John Harrington has School Board and building contract experience. This mess with the school buildings would have never happened on his watch. He gets my vote. I want to see Mike Sallee and David Landis back on the Assembly. Both were the lone voice of reason at times, but you have to have more than two voices to carry the vote.
There are some newcomers that I like, but I want to watch them for a while and make sure they aren't single issue candidates or in it for personal gain. The first order of business for the last newcomer I voted for was to give himself a raise, the second was to land no-bid contracts. Maybe next time for these guys.
As far as the Mayor, it is time for change.
The School Board is not responsible for the building debacle. They have been spending most of their time mitigating the damage caused by the mismanagement of the Borough. Susan Walsh has been doing a great job under the circumstances, and I'll vote for Keith Smith too.
Again some newcomers show promise. I heard Carl Webb is Hannah Ramiskey's son-in-law, so I'm sure he would get some direction there. Maybe next time.

I can't vote in the city election, but if I could I'd have to cast one for Kj Harris. I know him by reputation as a straight talking big man with a bigger heart. He isn't afraid to use his business to raise money for someone in need and always to raise cash for kids.  
Remember if you don't vote, you're a sheep, and you are setting yourself up to be fleeced again.
Patrick Jirschele
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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