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Will Diabetes Bring Papa Pilgrim Justice?
By Julie Smithson


October 01, 2005
Saturday PM

With the onset of winter in the Land of the Midnight Sun, fugitive and diabetic Robert Allen Hale may soon experience a different form of justice than that awaiting him in a courtroom.
Papa Pilgrim stands accused of heinous crimes against his own flesh and blood. His firstborn suffered mightily at his hands; his entire circle of friends and family suffer secondarily.
Rather than face justice, Mr. Hale has chosen to run from it. The catch is, his insulin-dependency may make him pay the ultimate price. Without insulin, Hale faces death from diabetes.
As one of the many that rallied round this family three years ago when they first faced the National Park Service policy toward inholders (owners of private land that have become surrounded by federal land through massive expansion of federal land ownership), I am dismayed by the actions of this once-revered family patriarch. I am not alone.
If Hale is brought to justice in a courtroom, his victim and her family will have to endure tortuous testimony and grilling.
If he is brought to justice by diabetes, his victim and her family will know another kind of loss.
Julie Kay Smithson
London, Ohio - USA





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