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Fix the problem
By Ralph Mirsky


October 01, 2005
Saturday PM

KPU says that the only cancer risk we face from the Haloacidic problem in our water is from long term use and that their is no problem with short term use.

KPU states that our city water in its present state, containing Haloacidic acid poses no risk unless it is consumed over a long period of time.

Yet they can't tell us how long the Haloacidic acid has been in the city water as they just began testing this year. So when they say it poses no problem they're playing with us. I've personally spoken to KPU representatives about the problem and they won't discuss the probability that the problem has been there for a long time. The truth is, they "Don't Know". Their pat answer is to say that they were just required to test this year and the problem exists today according to test data.

Please let me quote a recent article posted on Newsweek online and listed below, "It is so far unknown if smaller amounts do any damage."

Recent article:

"Disinfection byproducts: A surprising form of contamination is from the chlorine used to kill bacteria in water. The disinfectant thwarts sometimes deadly diseases like cholera and dysentery. But when it combines with organic material like leaves or treated sewage, it forms its own carcinogen that, when consumed in large amounts over long periods, can pose an increased risk of cancer. (It is so far unknown if smaller amounts do any damage.) Balancing disinfections and its health risks presents a difficult challenge to water suppliers. Currently 80 percent of Americans drink chlorinated water; but, according to the EPA, it is increasingly being replaced by chloramines, which are less likely to produce harmful byproducts. To reduce risk at no cost, Maas recommends setting a pitcher of water on the counter for five to six hours so the byproducts can evaporate. Or buy an activated charcoal filter."

Truthfully, KPU doesn't have a clue and we need to spend the money, fix the problem and ease the concern, too many people in our community are suffering from cancer not to.

Ralph Mirsky
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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