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Ketchikan's Water
By Rob Glenn


October 03, 2005

Well KPU is not lying when they say they were only required to start testing since 2004. However it is correct to say they dont know how long the water has been bad. The term if it aint broken don't fix it would definately fall into place here. So on that aspect, as long as the city has been cleaning the water this way, for however many years, you would then have to assume that the water has been above standard for that long.

Right now, it appears that only you and I are on the band wagon. And well I am leaving town permanantly today. I know there are concerned people though. All pregnant mothers should be concerned because an email I received from Department of Environmental Conservation, ". Some DBPs (e.g., chlorite, BDCM, and certain haloacetic acids) have also been shown to cause adverse reproductive or developmental effects in laboratory animals."

So it is important for the safety of all here in KTN to have this issue brought up over and over and let KPU know that it is unacceptable to delay fixing this water issue for 5 years. Can they not filter the water from the lakes of leaves and other products that when mixed with chlorine create haleoacedic acid? I mean they know that problem, they know how to solve it so what is the problem?

Ralph good luck with you battle, and don't expect any real help from the city. Minute they admit the water may be the reason for high rates of cancer, I could see lawsuits. And that is something they are going to do what ever they can to avoid.

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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