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Time to Rethink the Gravina Bridge Issue
By Robert D. Warner


October 01, 2005
Saturday PM

Perhaps it is time for Ken Levy and others to rethink their positions on the Gravina Bridge to Nowhere.  Alaska, Ketchikan, and Representative Young have become legitimate targets of vocal criticism from all over the nation because of this wasteful spending.  The reallocation of these funds to aid the poor folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas would be a good faith effort to help people who have lost almost everything.  It just makes good sense. It might even improve the tarnished image of Ketchikan.
The idea that the "bridge will create jobs" is a narrow minded myth.  What about the thousands and thousands of jobs that have been lost in areas hit by the hurricanes?  What about the bridges and roads that have been destroyed in these areas?  They were certainly bridges and roads to somewhere.  Most were likely essential to communities and industries.  There is nothing essential about the Gravina bridge.
It wasn't that long ago that Alaska needed Federal funding to rebuild and recover from a tragic earthquake.  We may need it again sometime.  Let's give up some pork to help others recover from these catastrophic events.
Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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