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By Jos "Gus" Govaars VI


October 03, 2005

Is it just me or do elections in Ketchikan remind anyone else of the movie Brewster's Millions (1985)?

In this movie, Richard Pryor portrays Montgomery Brewster, the pitcher for a minor league baseball team in New Jersey. His wealthy uncle dies and leaves him a $300 million inheritance, $30 million of which he has to spend in just a matter of weeks to be eligible to collect the rest. One way he decides to blow his cash is by starting an election campaign for mayor where he tells people to "vote for the other guy."

And personally in our case, I think we should do the same thing.

Vote for the other guy.

As your checking boxes on Tuesday look at the names on the ballot and vote for the other guy. Not just the same old bunch of politicians. Hey let's give someone else a chance to improve the community. We all know Salazar, Lybrand, Tipton, Landis, and West have all put in many years of service. And have done much for Ketchikan, but for the first time in years we have some real choices.

I support Joe Williams for Borough Mayor. As well as Jason Harris, Eric Lunde and KJ Harris for city council. These gentlemen are a few of the "the other guys."

They have decided to put their lives on hold and run for office. Hopefully, they can get us ON a track with a plan to develop the community for the long run. We need help, and these people guys are ready, and willing to make a difference. I would like to personally thank all of the new candidates for running for office. Its a tough decision, and I am glad they are willing to help us all out.

Remember... On Tuesday "Vote for the other guy"

We can do better...

Jos "Gus" Govaars VI

Ketchikan, AK - USA




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