By-Mail Ballot

Unofficial Results

Question: Shall the City of Ketchikan and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough be
consolidated as one government, the home-rule Municipality of Ketchikan?

10,162 registered Voters;
2855 ballots counted,
28.09% turnout

Unofficial Results

Inside City:
YES - 691; NO - 609
Outside City:
YES - 329; NO - 1,222
YES - 1,020;
NO - 1,831

Alaska Division of Elections

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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
November 23, 2006

Front Page Photo by Jim Lewis

Deer Mountain Sunset
Front Page Photo by Jim Lewis

Ketchikan: Ketchikan General Hospital Cancer Program re-accredited - Ketchikan General Hospital was surveyed by The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons through an on-site visit in September 2005. Surveyors reported that several record-keeping processes needed to be updated. That has been completed, and the official re-accreditation was received this month.

This achievement was made possible through a consistent commitment by the staff and administration to improve state of the art care for cancer patients at the community level. KGH utilizes the video teleconferencing capability of PeaceHealth to affiliate its program with St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham, Washington. St. Joseph oncology specialists and sub-specialists participate in diagnosis and treatment plans for Ketchikan cancer patients through regular tumor conferences. - More...
Wednesday - November 22, 2006

Alaska: Murkowski Forwards Budget Recommendations - Tuesday Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski, along with Office of Management & Budget Director Cheryl Frasca, announced that the administration has transmitted its FY 08 budget recommendations to Governor-elect Sarah Palin's transition team. Ms. Frasca also broke down the preliminary revenue forecast from the Department of Revenue, which highlighted an increase in state revenue thanks to the new Petroleum Production Tax (PPT) and higher oil prices.

"The PPT has increased our financial footing dramatically," Murkowski said. "When you see surpluses - even for the current fiscal year - in the billions of dollars you realize the impact of the oil market on revenues to the state. It cannot be understated: Our administration's action to change the oil taxation structure has left the incoming administration in an extremely better situation than the one we faced four short years ago."

The Department of Revenue's preliminary forecast, to be finalized for release in early December, shows an additional $1.5 billion more for the current fiscal year and an additional $1.4 billion for FY 08 when compared to its forecast last spring. Of those amounts, $1.9 billion is the result of enacting PPT. - More...
Wednesday - November 22, 2006

Alaska: In Legislature's Request for More Time on Same-sex Partner Benefits for State Employees, Governor Supports Letting Alaskans Vote - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski on Tuesday gave the following statement regarding the Legislature's passage of HB 4001 and HB 4002, bills that would affirm that the Commissioner of Administration does not posses statutory authority to implement same-sex partner benefits for state employees, and requiring a statewide advisory vote to be held in April where Alaskans would be asked whether they want the Legislature to place a constitutional amendment on the November 2008 ballot:

Murkowksi said, "The Legislature clearly wants more time to thoroughly deliberate the issue and widen the debate to consider how the state should move forward on providing employee benefits." - More...
Wednesday - November 22, 2006
jpg Patrick McLeavey

Ketchikan: McLavey Named KGH Employee of the Month - Patrick McLavey, Maintenance Engineer, was named Employee of the Month by a committee of his peers.

McLavey has been in his position for the past three years. His job includes operating and maintaining emergency generator power systems, steam boilers, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. He is also called upon to do numerous carpentry projects and repairs. - More...
Wednesday - - November 22, 2006

National: A Russian roulette of food poisoning in American states By THOMAS HARGROVE - More than 50,000 people got sick or died from something they ate in a hidden epidemic that went undiagnosed by the nation's public health departments over a five-year period.

Americans play a sort of food-poisoning Russian roulette depending on where they live, an investigation by Scripps Howard News Service found. Slovenly restaurants, disease-infested food-processing plants and other sources of infectious illness go undetected all over the country, but much more frequently in some states than others.

Scripps studied 6,374 food-related disease outbreaks reported by every state to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from Jan. 1, 2000, through Dec. 31, 2004. The causes of nearly two-thirds of the outbreaks in that period were officially listed as "unknown."

The findings translate into an alarming potential for tragedy. If health officials are unable to connect illness to food, victims who might eat from the same poisoned source cannot be warned. If food is known as the culprit, but the specific disease lurking within is not diagnosed, the victims may get even sicker or die without proper treatment.

The poor track record of so many state labs also raises chilling questions about their ability to spot or deal with a food-borne terrorist attack. - More...
Wednesday - November 22, 2006

National: Who dies from food illness By SRUTHI KUNNEL - Infectious intestinal diseases from food- and waterborne illnesses were diagnosed as the cause of death for 3,142 Americans in a one-year period, according to an analysis of death records provided by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The actual number of Americans who die from food poisoning is a matter of conjecture. Statisticians at the CDC in Atlanta have estimated that at least 5,000 Americans die every year from something they ate.

But doctors and medical examiners have been increasingly likely to list intestinal diseases as the primary cause of death in recent years, suggesting a growing sensitivity to the threats posed by food- and water-related diseases.

According to federal records based on death certificates, only 1,370 Americans died of infectious intestinal diseases in 2000. Food- and water-based deaths rose to 1,586 in 2001, to 2,496 in 2002 and to 3,142 in 2003, the most recent year available.

"That is just the tip of the iceberg," said Ewen Todd, director of the Food Safety Policy Center at Michigan State University. - More...
Wednesday - November 22, 2006

National: 14-year-old bride calls wedding 'darkest time' of life By BROOKE ADAMS - A woman who claims she was forced at age 14 to marry her cousin in a polygamous sect testified Tuesday that the experience was "the darkest time of my entire life."

Her testimony came during a preliminary hearing for sect leader Warren S. Jeffs, who is charged with two first-degree felony counts of being an accomplice to rape. He allegedly officiated at an arranged marriage between the then-14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old first cousin.

Fifth District Judge James L. Shumate will decide if there is sufficient evidence to order Jeffs to stand trial. After a full day of testimony, the preliminary hearing adjourned until Dec. 14.

The witness - known as Jane Doe IV, who is 20 now - said she didn't dare defy the order to marry the man, whom she described as a name-calling bully. - More...
Wednesday - November 22, 2006


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Artist Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune
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Columns - Commentary

Clifford May: Finding the lesser of the evils - Iraq is a mess. We have come to that conclusion because virtually every day we see innocent Iraqis slaughtered by suicide-bombers. Of all the possible responses, the most perverse may be this: To propose that Americans pull out of Iraq, abandoning innocent Iraqis to the tender mercies of those dispatching the terrorists.

Yet that is what many Americans now favor, perhaps because they have been persuaded that when Sunnis and Shites kill one another, Americans must be to blame. With apologies to Carly Simon: We're so vain, we probably think this sectarian strife is about us.

An insurgency led by Saddam Hussein loyalists also inflames Iraq. If the insurgents succeed in driving Americans out of the country, Saddam will be pleased but perhaps not astonished. He has long maintained that the United States lacks the will to prevail against a determined enemy. Years ago, he told Americans: "Yours is a society that cannot accept 10,000 dead in one battle." - More...
Thursday - November 23, 2006

Betsy Hart: Is Hollywood finally 'getting' us? - Is Hollywood getting religion?

So I wondered after seeing a pre-screening of "The Nativity Story," the film coming out Dec. 1 about the birth of Jesus.

The movie, from New Line Cinema, is a straight-forward and compelling drama recounting the story of the birth of Christ which clearly portrays him as, well, the Son of God. Now, that's no small wonder itself considering it comes from a major studio that brought us fare like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

A professing Christian screenwriter, Mike Rich - think: "The Rookie" - wrote the screenplay. Anyway, as Time magazine recounted in a recent article called "Hooray for Holy-wood," Hollywood seems to be discovering, or rediscovering, that faith works. Or at least it sells.

"One Night with the King," the story of the Biblical Esther (and produced by professing Christian Matt Crouch) opened in October in 900 theaters, and had cameos by Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole. Disney's Christian allegory "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" was a hit last Christmas season. The new FoxFaith, a division of 20 Century Fox, soon will be releasing about "half a dozen Christian-theme films a year" said Time. Lions Gate and Sony also are also developing movies with overtly spiritual or religious themes. - More...
Thursday - November 23, 2006

John Hall: It's the joystick, stupid - On this Thanksgiving Day, we have Sony to thank in a weird way.

The sight of young people falling all over themselves to buy the PlayStation 3 was so incredibly goofy as to be reassuring. How can America's growing list of enemies abroad, from Venezuela to Iran, really hate us and think we are in league with Satan if our young people are rioting for a chance to play mythological television games in which they pretend to slay things with big tails?

"I've got to get me this new thing, because it actually lets you swing your arm like a sword, man," I heard one overexcited adult male say on television about a competing product of the PlayStation. At least, some of the advances in computerized games represented something approaching physical exercise for him on the couch - besides his thumbs.

A generation ago, people were demonstrating and even rioting in the streets against the Vietnam War, and they had to be broken up with tear gas. Now, the main demonstrations against the Iraq war have been at the ballot box, where they count. - More...
Thursday - November 23, 2006

Bonnie Erbe: Hazards of living with a foot in each of two cultures - The latest Western outburst against Islamic political correctness comes our way from Holland, that normally most tolerant of Western nations. Even the stoic Dutch were transformed after the 2004 murder of native filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim fundamentalist. That event made the Dutch more tolerant of intolerance.

Holland's center-right government announced five days before national elections that it plans to consider banning burqas and similar full-body garb in public places. While some scoff at the idea of Western governments dictating Muslim women's dress, Dutch officials are starting to line up with their more proactive European counterparts. Many Europeans now see face and head coverings as walking security threats.

Since 1985 dozens of female suicide bombers (mainly in the Middle East) including Palestinians, Turks, Chechens and even Tamil Tigresses, have donned the disguise of traditional Islamic garb as vehicles for mass destruction. Some hid bombs on their bellies to feign pregnancy. - More...
Thursday - November 23, 2006

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