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Not Your Land
By Don Hoff Jr.


November 17, 2006

This is a retort to my Brainwashed critic, Rick Watson's opinion of me. It is too bad Rick doesn't get it but who cares. All the land you see belongs to the Taan ta Kwaan in the Ketchikan and surrounding lands -- Pennock Island, Gravina Island, Duke Island, Cat Island, Annette Island, Percy Islands, some lands in British Columbia around the Nass River, Tongass Island, Village Island, Portland Canal, Long Island, Chomley, It is a free history lesson to re-program the beliefs that North American is owned by the invaders that took the land from us.

Whether you like it or not, land will be conveyed to Southeastern Tribes that is still owed by the U.S. Federal Government. It is a matter of time. This is in the best interest to Ketchikan residents for this process to go forward. This Land Claim will be a huge economic benefit for all Ketchikan residents, creating jobs and new businesses.

I will be moving back to Ketchikan for my retirement and you shouldn't be too anxious for me to come home. I am happy you like reading my opinion letters. But, it is you that is sounding ridiculous.

Aan Kadax Tseen aka Don Hoff Jr.
Taan ta Kwaan
Gaanax adi Clan
Yie l Hit
Hixson, TN

Received November 17, 2006 - Published November 17, 2006

About: "Past City Councilman and Vice Mayor - City of Ketchikan; Past Board of Director - Ketchikan Public Utilities; Past O.S.H.A. Review Boardmember - State of Alaska; Past I.R.A. Councilman - Ketchikan Indian Community. Tongass Tribe member of the Gaanax adi Clan, Yei l Hit (Raven House)."


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